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Arrhythmias, perimenopause, after eating etc...

I am a 48 yr old female and have been plagued with PVC's and PAC's since I was very young.  Always, I was told it was a benign condition.  I suffered from anxiety attacks from time to time as a young adult as well.  In 2006, after eating a relatively small meal with friends, My heart rate shot through the roof and the beats were irregular.  Scared me/us really bad.  I was admitted from the ER visit and stayed nearly a week.  Was monitored extensively and had an MRI of the heart all while it was irregularly beating.  The report, I never saw, but my doc said my heart was structurally sound and that I must just have a misbehaving cell in my cardiac tissue.  I was treated with an Amiodarone bolus and then 200mg oral along with toprol xl for about a year...took 100mg Amiodarone for three years and just recently, my cardiologist said I could try not taking it.  I realized it would take over 30 days for it to get out of my system and it's been over 90 days now.  Even though the Amiodarone helped alot, I was always very concerned with the toxicity of it.  RIght now, I am very uncomfortable again with pounding tachycardia after eating and more frequent irregular rythyms at random times.  Sometimes it relates to homonal issues(i think) and sometimes, most of the time, I just do not know why.  Are there any other women that have this experience or similar ones?  I don't know whether to ask to take the Amiodarone again and feel better once it loads into my system and worry about long term side effects or just endure and hope it will get better as I pass Menopause.  I am so confused and really just want to be Electrically Correct!!!  The impulses in my heart are misbehaving too often.  I could use some reassurance and or suggestions from peers....and if necessary, I will check in with the cardiologist again.
Thank you for sharing your experiences with me...they really do help comfort and relax my worried mind and heart.
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Have you seen electrophysiologist?  If you have an electrical problem they maybe able to help you with an ablation.    I too feel my pvc's are due to perimenopause.

Good Luck!
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