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At risk for Chagas Disease?

I wasn't sure where to post this question but figured since it eventually becomes a heart problem that this was the place. I'm a 23 year old male in Texas, where this disease has spread rapidly to, and have been worried.

Does the Chagas bug or do any of the parasites associated with the disease ever come out through your urine? I had a recent experience where after urinating I noticed an unidentifiable bug in the toilet. It was a bit bigger the the average house fly, smaller than a bee, and had an ant-like body. It could have been there before I even entered the restroom of course, but I wouldn't know. I have setup a appointment with my doctor, but was wondering if you could provide any insight in the meantime. Thanks!
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When the Triatome Bug bites you, which is the bug you are referring to, usually on the Face at night while you are asleep, it poops out microscopic protozoa which are known as chagas disese, when you scratch the bite in the morning when you wake up you smear the parasites into your bite and they are able to enter your body. it usually Takes YEARS for the disease to become chronic where it involves your anautomic system. and is currently estimated over 2,000,000 americans have the disease without knowing it.

i myself have seen these bugs before and i am from Jersey.. and i also have a heart arrythmia, so i sympathize with your worrying about this un researched disease.

i hope that answers your question you simply wouldnt pee out the Chagas Parasite,

but if you have ever seen this Bug in maybe your bed, or somehwere in your house i would get tested for the disease

blake093 I'm sorry but where did you get the estimate of two million people in the USA having Chagas? Every other site I read including the CDC estimates 300,000.
300,000 without knowing it, that is.
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