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Atrail fib with RVR

My husband developed A-Fib with RVR at 170 a few days ago, was taken to the hospital and placed on cardizem dripp at 5mg/hr and after 16 hours converted back to RSR in the 70-80's.  THen he had a stress test, exercise and thallium.  The results were EF-55%, LV dilation, good wall motion, small defect apical anterior extending into septal area.  Ischemia can't be ruled out. Small fixed defect seen in apical area auggest athenuation vs infarct.  He had also had bronchitis in November and had never really gotten over it and still had a presistent cough, on chest ct they saw some infilitrates and placed him on levequin for 7 days, the MD also placed him on Toprol XL 25mg daily.
Informed us that at this time a cardiac cath was not needed.  I just want to know what your inpression is.  Also during the exercise part of the test, the MD was present and stated that that part was normal.  SInce conversion back to RSR my husband has not had any more chest pressure or SOB.  Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.
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You presented may technical details on which I can not comment. But, it sounds like your husband is on the mend.  Toprol is a beta blocker, not an arrhythmia drug, it lowers HR and BP, its two (only?) uses.  One gets both, we don't get to pick which effect we want.

As for not need for a catheter exam, that sound right if the nuclear stress test looked good.  That is it appears there are not blockages in the heart arteries.

Hope he continues to improve...others may be able to add more, perhaps you may want to respond with any more focused question you may have.
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