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Atrial Fibrillation and Atelenol

I was switched from Atelenol to Metoprolol and now I have atrial fibrillation all the time. What is going on?  Should I ask to be put back to Atelenol?
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I don't know Atelenol, but I do know Metoprolol and AFib.  I am currently living with AFib and taking medications only to control, lower, my heart rate (HR).  Metoprolol does the latter, as well as given unwanted lowering of my blood pressure (BP).  So I am treating AFib as a condition that is treated for "rate control" and for "clot prevention", I also take warfarin.  If you are in AFib and are not on an anticoagulant, I suggest you start taking an aspirin until you can discuss with you doctor the need for an anticoagulant.  If Atelenol is another Beta Blocker, then I think the onset of AFib is a coincidence.

If Atelenol is effective stopping AFib I'd think you would want to go back on it.  I'll look it up, maybe I should ask my Cardiologist about using it myself.
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I spoke with my cardiologist and the switching from Atelenol to Metoprolol was a coincidende as you indicated. He started me blood thinner (Coumadin), I was already taking Plavix and aspirin. The plan is to thing my blood and then take me to the hospital and zap heart back. I am very frustrated, thank you for taking the time.  Good luck.
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I have had good luck in the past, obviously not a permanent fix, with Electro-Cardioversion.
I had that done twice, each time the sinus returned for about 1.5 years.  Then, back to AFib for me...but I also had a leaky mitral valve which keep pressure on the left atrial chamber.

And, I write to wish you the best, and to say that there is a good chance you'll get relief and that it will last for a year, or maybe much more, we'll hope much more.
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Since 2012 I had been taking 25 mg. 2 times a day of Metropolol Tart along with Warfarin as prescribed by my cardiologist as I was diagnosed with A-fib.  In May my blood pressure was around 115 over 70 but I started having a sitting pulse rate of 100.  If I did anything the pulse would go up to 190.  It did not go back down.  A chemical stress test indicated I had A-fib flutter and I subsequently had a procedure done as an outpatient in the hospital to shock or jolt the heart back into a normal sinus rhythm.  The doctor immediately took me off Metoprolol Tart and prescribed Sotalol HCL to take morning and night because this blood pressure medicine helps control a steady pulse rate.    
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