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Atrial Fibrillations with non usual symptoms

Hi Everyone,

My name is Margaret from the North east of England, recently diagnosed (so my dcotor believes) with AF. My son Ben is posting this on my behalf, and I would like to ask a few questions, and get peoples experiences of the symptoms I am having.

Quick history, I visited my doctor who took my BP, because I was having palpitations. He then prescribed me with 50 mg of Metoprolol which did not have any obvious effect, then increased the dose to 100mg. This had adverse side effects, such as a pounding pulse in my head, which was extremely distressing. The dose was lowered to 50mg and he added lisinopril at 2.5 mg. This had more adverse side effects and multiplied the palpitations. After visiting my doctor, I was then referred to a cardiologist, who has attached a monitor for 24 hours, and performed a echocardiogram 5 days ago. I am awaiting the results of these tests.

The symptoms have varied since the onset but now manifest as:-

* Palpitations (quite infrequently intense, but otherwise manageable)
* Chest vibrations, both generalised, and localised to different areas (sternum, left side of chest area, back of neck and arms etc)
* Sensations that can be best described as a 'grid' across my chest, which turn on and off at random.

* I have started to have sensations and vibrations in my head (including my face), which are concerning me most at present, as I cannot seem to find references to this as a consequence of being AF.

Thanks for reading this, and I would welcome feedback regarding my symptoms.

In particular, can anyone who has experience of the head and face sensations respond, and tell me what your doctor or consultant said in reference to this.

Thank you again.

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