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My age is 25,,,, my holter report is Minimum HR-4 intervals 36 bpm and Maximum Hr-4 Intervals 124 bpm . Average Hr-24 hours 66 bpm ............can i take pacemaker or is it good for my age? what do you think,,,,this holter report is really like a severe brady cardia patient  ? I'm very nervous , please someone help me?

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Hello adnanarsalan,

Yes it does look like you have bradycardia at times and tachycardia at times as well. But look at it from this point of view... i'm guessing your symptomatic enough to warrant a Holter monitor, but not symptomatic or acute enough to warrant in inpatient admission. Your Cardiologist must have felt comfortable enough based on your clinical exam and symptoms to place you on a monitor for more observation. If, it were me, I would see it that way versus worrying too much.

But it sounds like you will be having a follow up discussion with you doc soon since your heart rate varied pretty significantly. See what he/she says about a pacemaker and just know that your health is most important here. I think you will feel so much better once your specific questions are answered, so just do your best to not worry in the mean time.

Stay busy and let us know your outcome. Best wishes.

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Thanks a lot my dear friend......I feel much better now,,,,,,yesterday I measured my heartbeat and all time I  found my beat with in 70-80,,,,,,but today afternoon I've got this symptom again(breath problem, fatigue) . That time my heart beat was 52 . Is there any relationship between bradycardia and exercise .( because I did gym in the morning).  
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I'm not clear on the exact timing of your exercise and bradycardia, I would just note to myself if I felt symptomatic during or after exercise and what my heart rate was at those times.

When is your follow up?
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In the morning (10am) after my exercise my heart beat was 92 bpm but just 5pm when I felt breath problem that time I measured heart beat and it was 52 . My dear friend, I want to know just two answer and that is 1)Is it possible for a bradycardia patient to drive his life without pacemkaer?  2) Is it (heart beat 52) risky rate for me?
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Ok, don't think the exercise affected your heart rate that long afterwards.

I couldn't answer your bardycardia question for certain. But just based on what you've said, you are symptomatic so that counts for something, right? Your Cardiologist may say your periods of bradycardia are few and far between and just need to be watched for the time being. Or he/she may say, a pacemaker is needed here in your case.

Do you se what I mean. Only your doc can tell you the final outcome. My best guess would be that a pacemaker is definitely a consideration on the table right now, but wait to have your discussion with your Cardiologist before getting too worried. Maintaining good health is most important and we can cross any bridge we come to :)

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Oh thanks dear,,,,,,,,,,,Do you know all time I was a running machine . I was a good player, body-builder ,swimmer,  I was a winner of 20 mile marathon running , That why my heart always was a good drummer for his beat ,,,,,, but now he is a traitor . Dear I don't wanna pacemaker for my busy beautiful life,,,,,,,,,,,,PLEASE PRAY FOR ME

    thank you so much for your encourage
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Sorry to interrupt, but I don't understand why you are discussing pacemakers?

For a 25 years old healthy man, an average of 66 is completely normal. So is the low of 36. On my Holter, my low was 37. Heart rates can drop amazingly low during sleep without having a disease. Even brady-arrhythmias (blocks, junctional beats, short sinus pauses) are in most cases considered normal during sleep, though there are limits for what is normal and what is not.

A cardiologist should interpret your results, but please don't start stressing about the results. They are similar to mine, and I definitely don't need a pacemaker :-)

The only slightly concerning part is your shortness of breath with a slow heart rate. Of course, shortness of breath can have many causes besides a slow heart rate, but I would recommend that a doctor looked into this.

But your Holter results look fine :-)
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Oh my God ,,, thanks a lot dear.........I'm so lucky that I've got an opinion from that kind of person who's condition was just like me . Your answer is just like Million dollars answer . Thanks a lot .....My beat is now increasing .....Now I'am  doing all of my work normally ,,,,,sometime my beat is going to decrease and I feel breath problem . But It is not sufficient for abstracting  me from my work.........I hope after some week my beat will be fixed with in 70-80............

                  Thanks u again my dear friends

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You're welcome :)

By the way, when the heart rate suddenly slows (caused by stress, anxiety, etc. which may, weirdly enough, cause a slow heart rate sometimes), shortness of breath is not uncommon. It should go away fairly fast.

An EKG or a Holter monitor (you've had them both) will reveal conduction disturbances in your heart. I assume your doctor has examined your test results.

Just a last question: How is your blood pressure?
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I did all diagnostic tests(HAEMATOLOGY,,,,BIOCHEMICAL ,,IMMUNOLOGY,,,CHEST X-RAY,,URINE TEST,,,ECO),,,and all tests were good. And my blood pressure is also normal.......

I have no anxiety ..........but I did extremely hard work and don't maintain diet .

My dear friend do i follow any diet for controlling my heart beat ?

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Hello, no, you can't follow a specific diet to control your heart beats. That said, there is probably no need to control your heart beats?

You are a long-distance runner so your heart works fine. The Holter test revealed that your heart rate increased with activity and decreased with sleep. That's pretty much how the heart is supposed to react.

You are carefully tested and my best advice is quite simple, but possibly hard to do (trust me, I know how difficult it is):

- Forget that you have a heart, and forget your heart rate.

Today when I woke up, I had a heart rate of 54. Stressing in the bathroom and being late for work, it climbed to 92. Now when I'm writing this, my heart rate is 74.

Heart rate is supposed to vary. It's also supposed to increase when inhaling and decrease with exhaling. That's normal too.
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did you feel your fastest breath and fatigue when your rate was 54? My dear friend do you know why I'am so upset about bradycardia ,  because 2 week ago I felt fastest breath and at last I lost myself (faint)  .
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Hey just checking back in here.  When someone is a well established athlete, of course they are going to have a much lower heart rate than most of us. Hard core athletes have been known to have heart rates in the 30s-40s range. However, I still think that if you are symptomatic enough for your Cardiologist to order a Holter monitor, and you have tachycardia as well... you just need to sit down with your Cardiologist to answer your specific questions, as I said before.

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This post is based on his Holter results :-)
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how many days lasting bradycardia  for an athlete.
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It just depends on the individual.
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some forum suggest me EPS TEST,,,,is it necessary?
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I think, If I do of my holter test again....I'll get better result .
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sorry I've been gone for about 6 months but I wanted to jump in also...I've had bradycardia/tachycardia (25bpm - 300+) episodes for 35+ years; as well as ANS (autonomic nervous system) problems.

As a last resort after they found my heart stopped on an EP Study; they recommended a pacemaker/defibrillator device.  

I would definitely have the EPS before you talk having a PM.  The test is about an hour and they will stand you up at a certain % that your dr says and watch your bp/hr to see what goes on.  It could be a wide range of things causing your hr to be lowered; from heart to a simple crossing of a vessel or mixed signal from your brain to your heart (very common)

am I correct that you fainted? if so then the EPS and a PM might really help but explore all your options first; once it's put in - there are complications in itself with the devices and leads; which is what I've gone through the past 3 years with mine - lead problems
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I'm feeling well now,,,Proceptin ,Prokind and Disopen have given  me nice solution .............I feel much better with some side effect of Disopen
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I have done my Ep study. Conclusion was POOR ANTEGRADE CONDUCTION. Finding was 1:1 @120; intermittent CHV; no VA Conduction and Synus node is normal. What will be the gate way of recovery and come back? I am 25 years of Age and Male .

My doctor has taken long break for Eid Ul fitr. I'll find him after 15 days later . My doctor said "you have just one chance for avoiding pacemaker and that is Electro -physiology study" . He has done this study successfully but didn't tell me anything . I have collected E p test's report from the lab but didn't get chance to meet with him .

MY dear friend , please help me..............give me some advise ,,,,,,
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I don't understand the terminology - I wish I did; my knowledge is limited to what I've researched and been told the past 3 years by EP's.   I would ask your doctor for a complete break down of exactly what is wrong and why he feels the need for a PM at your age - sometimes dr's forget we're patients and the need to explain things in our terms.

The other thing I suggest is to copy what you have here into the expert heart disease forum here http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Heart-Disease/show/114 and ask the question you asked in this membe forum - do one of the heart doctors suggest a pacemaker?

the dr's are really great about answering in our terms here so we can understand and guide us.

mypacemaker/defibrillator was about an hour long procedure; the prep time took longer and recovery all depends on i f there are any complications and your health to begin with; typically very easy procedure

most people come in and out of PM procedures and feel wonderful after because their problems are corrected with some tweaking of the device

the only things you really have to be cautious about is the first 6 weeks is keeping your arm down and not alot of movement (they give you a sling to wear) after that it's just watching for electromagnetic interference with the device like in large machinery etc
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Ha ha ha_______At last I find out solution __after taking disopen and Sotalex 80 ,,,,I felt so tired and it made me understand that "this drugs won't help me" . And I thought about pacemaker ,,," it's my last chance " . Every doctor of our country said also about pacemaker . I search everything about bradycardia and pacemaker and find noting helpful . I found a young patient who's disease,symptom and age similar with me,,,,5 years ago He started discussion but  he didn't complete it . It was very helpful if I found his result. But It's very good news for me that I've found my solution . I'm a patient of  "VASOVAGAL SYNCOPE"___and now my drugs are only water, salt .and some exercise

   Hey gays all time be careful about your life____don't try to treat it foolishly______

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