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Best Magnesium for PVCs?

Can someone tell me what the best Magnesium supplement is to take for PVCs?  I have tried doing research on my own but it’s all very confusing to me since there are so many different kinds.  
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I use Natural Calm.  I found it to be friendlier to my GI than some of the pills I tried.  ;-)
Where do you get it?  And how effective is it?  
I've gotten it on Amazon and at whole foods. Effectiveness? Well they didn't stop my PVCs but everyone is different. :-)
Thank you :)
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The doctors and medical professionals I'm aware of recommend 250mg of magnesium taurate for such things as MVP. It could be more or less for other things. I've used it with a good deal of success for quite awhile. But it is highly recommended for the heart.
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