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Beta Blocker or Channel Blocker for PVC's related to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

im a 38 year old relatively healthy male. I have high blood pressure 145/85ish with high cholesterol. I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, but it doesnt cause blockage, my heart pumps hard and so that causes a small murmer. Dr gave me 25mg lopressor, but the PVC's that are problematic seem to still come and go. I traveled over seas and procured Topril 50mg, and started taking half a pill twice a day. that seems to help a little bit but i still get the dreaded PVC's when i lay down to sleep and in high stress situations. I also take 12.5mg of ativan before i sleep. when i wake up in the morning no pvc's as the day goes on and towards the evening they start up again. Should i change my meds? any help would be appreciated. I also just started taking red yeast rice for cholesteral and when i excercise it doesnt really have any effects on the pvc's
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Ask your cardiologist to order am Amyloidosis test. My husband has been suffering from lots of symptoms and was diagnosed with Right Heart Failure in Oct 2022. He kept having the same symptoms and all tests were  negative. I took him to Jacksonville, FL Mayo Clinic and they diagnosed him with Cardiac Amyloidosis which causes heart failure and every single symptom he has been having.. Hope this helps
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