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Beta blocker is it the right choice?

I am a 31 y/o  athletic 180 lbs male. I work as a firefighter and try to work out and stay in shape. I was DX with inappropriate sinus tachycardia. I decided to go for the ablation procedure to take care of the problem. My cardiologist was not able to complete the ablation procedure. Something to do with the the medication used during the procedure prevented the tachycardia from happening. My blood pressure has been high for some time now (usually 140's over 90's) with one time being 190's over 110's. My Dr. has now put me on metoprolol 25 mg twice a day. Is this the best choice for someone my age and for someone who loves to workout? Is there any long term side effects I should be aware of?
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I have been on Toprol XL and now the metoprolol( generic for toprol) for about 12 years. I have had no side effects from it.  I am older than you (67 now) however I have walked 8-10 miles a day for 30 plus years.. I now  usuallly walk 4 miles per day and ride a recumbuent stationay bike 10-12 miles a day with lots of tension or resistance on it.. Plus after I retired in 1996, I had a farm for about 8-9 years and did lots of hard physical work on it.. while taking the medication and had no problem.. Last June my cardiologist gave me a stress test and I stayed on it the entire 15 minutes talking to him the entire time.. soo... bottom line... even though its a beta blocker .. I could still do lots of physical exercise.. while taking it.  Personally I think its a good medication....compared to some of the others...have a good day Claytex
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Also...your blood pressure still seems a little high to me.. Im surprised he doenst have you on something to get it lower.. In addition to the 25mg of metoprolol 2 Xs daily, I take a medication called spironolacto  (50mgs 2Xs daily) It is an old medication and I have taken it along time with no side effects.. It is a Potassium sparing dieuritic... uhhhh made from Horse Urinie .... the pharmacist tellls me!!! anyway it really works good for me.... no side effects and keeps my BP around 100-110/65-70... works great... I have been on it about 12 years also.. anyway thouught Id add that... Claytex
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