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Bigeminy / trigeminy for 15 minutes

Hello there,

All my life I've been dealing with PVCs but since I'm taking a beta blocker I feel much better. For almost two years I've been almost "PVC-free", but now I started experiencing a new kind of them:

Bigeminy / trigeminy patterns that appears on resting and continue for 10/15 minutes, then suddenly disappear.

The Heart rate when it appears is about 70/80,  and I don't feel any other symptom, no dizziness, no pain, no    short of breath, just this VERY uncomfortable feeling on my chest / throat and the constant bigeminy.

Should I be worried? is it relatively normal?

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I had this on two occasions, the period was much shorter than that, but still. Have not visited doctor since, as how many times I should talk about the same things, just a little bit different. Are you going to visit you doc? If so, interesting what he has to say about it. 99% it will be nothing to worry about.
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Helloj~I have heard and read that if anything new develops regarding the skipped heart beats, it is best to contact your GP or cardiologist, it probably is nothing to worry about, but it is always best to make sure.
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