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Bigeminy / trigeminy for 15 minutes

Hello there,

All my life I've been dealing with PVCs but since I'm taking a beta blocker I feel much better. For almost two years I've been almost "PVC-free", but now I started experiencing a new kind of them:

Bigeminy / trigeminy patterns that appears on resting and continue for 10/15 minutes, then suddenly disappear.

The Heart rate when it appears is about 70/80,  and I don't feel any other symptom, no dizziness, no pain, no    short of breath, just this VERY uncomfortable feeling on my chest / throat and the constant bigeminy.

Should I be worried? is it relatively normal?

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I had this on two occasions, the period was much shorter than that, but still. Have not visited doctor since, as how many times I should talk about the same things, just a little bit different. Are you going to visit you doc? If so, interesting what he has to say about it. 99% it will be nothing to worry about.
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