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Bradycardia - Obese and NOT Athletic

Hello!  I am a 55 year old woman (obese) and my resting heart rate is about 48-53.  I am sedentary.
I am sometimes dizzy and tired, but nothing else.  My doctor is not concerned, but I am worried
that this is NOT normal.  It seems my heart rate slows down a bit more each year.  Does anyone
else (similar to me) have this same issue?
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It's worth noting resting heart rate decreases with age.
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This can absolutely be abnormal. It can also be normal. Do you faint? Do you feel like you’re about to faint? Under what conditions do you faint if applicable.
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Have you had any other testing done? For some, a slower heart rate isn't a concern, and it would depend on your history, etc. Have you always had a slower heart rate?


Is it your primary care doctor that isn't worried? Have you asked to see a cardiologist?
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