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Bradycardia and low BP

Hoping someone can shed some light on the risks of my pulse and BP stats.

fit (not extreme athlete)
healthy diet
do not smoke
drink casually (not excessively)

-was seeing a cardiologist for tachycardia (currently have an event monitor)
-consistently have very low BP
-took beta blockers for < 2 weeks and stopped becasue it slowed my heart to 55
-not taken any prescription drugs for a week (was taking .5mg ativan one to two times per week)

For the last few days BP has been between 98/42 to 100/49 with a pulse ranging between 57 to 59.  I've also had some dizzy spells and laboured breathing.  I usually check my pulse around 3:30 - 5:00 and thats when it reads below 60.  Is it possible that it's simply lower at that time of day?  Has anyone else had reading this low and functioned at a normal level?  Are these stats dangerous?  I'm not due back to see the cardiologist for a month.  Should I seek the assistance of a Physician right away?

Thanks so much for your input!

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Your "stats" look good/great to me.  The BP is a little low, but nothing I consider dangerous.  I assume the HR of upper 50s to 60 is at rest, as is the BP.  

A BP of 98/42 would cause me some dizzy problems, but I understand people who consistently have BP that low adjust to it and don't have dizzy spells.  What was your BP/HR before a couple of weeks ago?  
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Hey Jerry,

Thanks for the response.  The heart rate and low bp is at rest.  I sit and check it consistently at the pharmacy.

A couple of weeks ago, my blood pressure was around 110/50 and my pulse was usually in the 70's and 80's, unless my heart was racing, then it was around 120.  

Thanks again for any input you have.  So appreciate it!  I take it you also have low blood pressure?
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I've always had low bp, usually around 100/50 and my heart rate runs from 48 to 58 and I function completely normally.  Even after exercising or jogging, it's rarely above 90.  Very seldom do I get dizzy and I think when I do get dizzy, it has more to do with my breathing than my heart rate - my sinuses are so bad.  I'm extremely active most of the time and it doesn't slow me down a bit.  

I'm not sure why your blood pressure or heart rate would all of a sudden change but I can say that my husband's was a little high (150/90), they put him on atacand and it turned out he's allergic to it, his blood pressure and heart rate dropped dramatically while he was having the reaction but then it stayed normal after that for about a year without any medicine.  So, the medicine did something to him, no one has said what.
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my bp runs 126/73  120/83 and my pulse is between 47-62.  i feel fine  dr not happy when 47 so she tells me to take one pill instead of two but it stays around 55 .and i dont get dizzy so i think its ok for you .unless your having problems.
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