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Can P.V.C's Cause Breathlessness

I Get Suden Need To Gasp For Air And Tingeling Sensations in my Lower Arms and Also Like a Warm Feeling Rushing Through My Chest Sometime Can Make Me Dizzy.. It All Hppens Within A Couple Of Seconds. Then I Will Go Back To Normal.. Does Any One Know What This Is Or Why It Happens. !!
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I don't know about the tingling(maybe adrenaline?) The warm feeling sound like adrenaline from the PVC. PVCs can and will make you feel like you have loss your breath or like you have lost your wind. I have 4,000 PVCs a day and I feel like this everyday at times when I am getting a lot close to each other. My doctor was not concerned when I mentioned it to him. He actually has them too and said that they will feel like that at times and to just try to relax and know that they are benign. As far as why it happens, I think that it has something to do with the small pause we get after our PVCs.
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If the condition is very intermittent and unlikely that a doctor can check while it is going on, a Holter (24 hour) or long term heart monitor may be something to talk with your doctor about.
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