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Can Police Officers work the streets (patrol) with an ICD implant?

I was a street cop when I was diagnosed with VTACH's. The ablation failed so an ICD the size of an old pager was placed in my left chest. Prior to the surgery, I met with two heart doctors. One told me my street career was over. My surgeon told me he had a patient (cop) get fired for being unfit for duty after an implant (I guess he didn't want that to happen to me). He still felt I should be able to work the streets despite no more push ups, bench press, row machine, or lifting more than 80 pounds with my left arm. His attitude was if I break he will fix it (and get flat lined twice to test the ICD). I got into 3 physical altercations my last year and I felt the ICD rip in my chest each time. Hurt like hell. I eventually retired after 27 years because of this and a fused spine (no desk jobs). So can police work the streets with these things?
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