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Can a-fib cause a heart murmur?

Can a-fib or flutter cause a heart murmur? I went for a check up yesterday and the physcian assistant listened to  my heart and carotid arteries and on the right side she kept checking both. I asked her if there was a problem with my carotid artery and she said no that it was a heart murmur that she was hearing. This came as a surprise to me because I have been seeing a EP every six months for years and last year I had an ablation for fib and flutter and no one has ever mentioned a murmur. Should I call my EP and have it checked out? Or is a murmur nothing to worry about?

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I think the other way around is possible, but I don't believe AFib can cause a murmur. If murmur is due to a leaky valve, that can cause enlargement of the atrial chamber, and that can cause AFib.  That is more or less what happen to me.  My condition was never called a murmur, it was called a leaky valve.  This may be because the leaky valve in my case didn't make enough noise to hear on a stethoscope - it was found with an echo cardiogram.
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