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Can anyone read my Holter results?

Tell me if they're fine.Please. I'm worried.

Holter Report

Length 23:59
Total beats  86175
Paced beats 0
VE beats  (13.2%)11388
SVE 1707
BBB beats 0
Aberrant beats 0


Isolated 6692
Couplets 1327
Bigenimus 142
Trigenimus 60
Runs 412
Longest Runs 9/4:06
HR of max.HR runs 130bpm/21:52
HR of min.HR runs  47bpm/5:57


Isolated 706
Couplets 187
Bigenimus 31
Trigenimus 4
Runs 129
Longest Runs 17
HR of max.HR runs 256bpm

Heart Rate

Average 77
min.HR 45
Max.HR 257
Min.HR-Minute  48
Max.HR-Minute 194
# beats in Tachy 1571
# beast in Brady 0
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Yea, knowing the results of the echo is key. The standing up problems may be related to something called postural hypotension. Look into that. But as far as actual heart concerns, it is really key to know if the echo was normal or not. If it was normal, that's a very encouraging sign.
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what did the echo say?  did your doc say anything about the tests?
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I went to the Cardiologist because I wasn't feeling well. I do feel when my heart beats really fast. and for some reason when I get up really fast my heart beats faster and I feel weak. And yes I had an echo done.
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Just curious, where you symptomatic during the test and did your symptoms correlated with any of the NSVT? What prompted the Holter in the first place? Those are important considerations. Have you had an echo? That's key, so you can know if any problems are structural. If not, this is purely electrical in nature.
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I have to go to the Doctor's on Tuesday. Thank you for helping me :)
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p.s, the first line, towards the end should read premature ATRIAL contractions (PACs).
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There's a lot of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) and premature ventricular contractions (PACs)

Of particular concern are the "runs" of PVCs and PACs.  For the PVCs, it looks like your longest run was 9 beats in a row that were PVCs.  This is called non-sustained ventricular tachycardia or NSVT.

In light of that your doctor will probably order more tests to make sure your heart muscle is OK.  Things like a stress test, a nuclear stress test, definitely an echo, possibly an MRI.  If that checks out OK then the youwill have benign NSVT, PVCs and PACs.  The treatment will depend on what works best.

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