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Can mild or stage-1 hypertension cause ventricular arrhythmias

I know that these two are connected somehow, you can find lot of this kind of suggenstions in the web, but telling the truth I have never found any article, research that proves it. For the past 3 years I have been suffering from ventricular arrhythmias, mild hypertension and neurosis (including panic and anxiety attacks), all combined.

My BP is always about 90/130-90/140, sometimes (rare) 90/150. I have never been treated for hypertension itself (unlike for PVCs - metoprolol, and neurosis - escitalopram), but I have been suggested to do so after EP Study in one of the best medical centers that specializes in cardiac arrhythmias treatment in Poland. They couldn't induce anything, so I have been told that these are good news, and that my hypertension may be de reason of PVCs (sometimes nsVT), which I am sceptic about. I have always connected my BP with stress brought by worring about my heart condition which finally ended in neurosis, panic attacks.

What bothers me is the fact, that if you start to treat your BP, there is small chance that you could ever stop, and I am only 29, dont know it is good idea to treat BP if it is the mild one - is this worth becaming dependent of medicine at that age... So I stared to look for the answers and still cant find any, I am not able to find any article that proves hypertension being a reason of an arrhythmia. Maybe some of you were more efficient in your research?

Regards, Jakub
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The simple answer is "no".

Your blood pressure is "high normal" at 130-140/90. You should keep an eye on it, if begins to establish itself in the 150s systolic, you should do something about it to prevent cardiovascular risk. What should be done depends on your other risk factors and is best discussed with your doctor.

If high blood pressure should cause arrhythmias, it would have to make remodellation of your heart. Specifically, left ventricular hypertrophy which may (rarely) cause ventricular arrhythmias, and a dilated left atrium which may (occationally) cause atrial fibrillation.

What is far more likely, is that your slightly elevated blood pressure AND the arrhythmias may have a common cause, for example chronic stress and anxiety. Just like some people say "I have headaches because I have high blood pressure" - they probably don't, but their lifestyle may produce high blood pressure as well as headaches.

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