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Can someone help me understand this

I am a 32 yo female that has presented with heart issues. I had a ECG done and here are the readings
Vent rate 65 BPM
PR interval 124 ms
QRS duration 110 ms
QT/QTc 430/447 ms
P-R-T axes 120  117

Normal sinus rhythm/ Anterolateral Infarct, age undetermined.

I have been experiencing Tachycardia at night and sometimes during the day, during times of rest my hr will be 177. my lab results show an elevated hemoglobin over the course of 4 months.  I have continuous palpitations and chest pressure.
The docs are trying to figure out why.

Could someone help me see if there are any little things they might be missing or should check for?
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thank you everyone for your responses. I did find out that my Fibromyalgia was the cause for all the palpitations and tachycardia. Done ask me how but that was the answer. I was put on medications and I have been doing a lot better! Thanks again everyone! I will keep an eye on my labs for sure now.
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I like sleep study actually. Why not? Elevated hemoglobin as a compensatory mechanism for any situation in which you are deprived of oxygen in some way.

Tachycardia could be anything.. just need a Longer term monitor to figure out what it is.
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"Elevated hemoglobin" caught my eye.  In 2007, I was waking up in the middle of the night with a pounding heart rate.  I had a lifelong history of SVT, but this wasn't that.  This was an elevated and pounding heart rate.  To make a long story short, and I to my physician, and he took a routine blood test.  He's a numbers guy and swears by what he sees in a blood test.  I went back 2 weeks later for the results.  He recognized something immediately.  I had high hemoglobin levels.  This heart thing happened at night.  My wife was with me. "Does he snore?", he asked.  My wife responded that she had to go into another room most nights to escape my horrific snoring.  He ordered a sleep study done.  The results if the study were shocking.  My O2 levels were dipping into the low 70's at night, and I was being roused from sleep about once per minute.  My O2 levels were so low for so long, that my body was compensating by generating more red blood cells.  I had developed secondary polycythemia.  I immediately started CPAP therapy.  The pounding heart went away, and my high hemoglobin levels gradually returned to normal.
So I would investigate whether you might be experiencing Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Also, snoring may or may not be a symptom of OSA.
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I would continue to follow up with your cardiologist or go to see one if you haven't yet.  There is a possibility your tachycardia is related to the possible heart attack that was indicated on the ekg but that type of result can actually be a false positive result simply because the tech did not put the electrodes on correctly.  You really should have further testing, another ekg and an echo to rule out damage to the heart.  You may also need to see a heart rhythm cardiologist to determine the source of the tachycardia.  It can be from a number of causes from the simple, low electrolytes or dehydration to  something more serious but usually tachycardia isn't anything to worry about but it is important to get to the root of things so that you don't put excessive stress on your heart over time.  Best of luck getting it sorted out and keep us posted but do continue to follow up with your doctor to get answers.  Take care.  
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Well, that's scary! your resting heart rate is taken on a wearable?  This is routinely 177?  Wowza, that probably doesn't feel good.  I assume you gave up all of the good stuff, caffeine, alcohol, smoking,  and you are working on sleep?  Those are the lifestyle things they always recommend. So, there are three types of tachycardia.  You seem to be saying they ruled out sinus which would leave superventricular and ventricular.  They do have treatment options for both of those.  Albeit I'm sure nothing you really want to hear or do at 32 years old!!  They are saying you had an infarction?  Wow.  That's scary.  That is involved in tachycardia sometimes especially ventricular.  The rest of your numbers see to be normal or near normal?  Correct?
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