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Can the EKG give a false reading when taken sitting and under stress?

I had a very scary evening last night I called 911 because I was having such horrendous back pain that went up my right jaw to my ear. It was the worse pain ever. I was petrified it was a heart attack as women can have heart attack pain in the upper back. The EMT'S we're so nice. They took all my vital signs and did an EKG. My blood pressure was elevated of course as was my heart rate. They said the EKG was normal but when I looked at it the computer remarks, they were anything BUT normal.Why would the EMT say it was normal, where they going by the reading itself, they were not a bit concerned. I am so scared, I made an appointment to see my GP Tuesday ,but I will be worrying everyday until then. They said I wasn't having a heart attack, that the pain is probably due to fibromyalgia and other issues. she said to follow up with my GP next week. They both said I looked healthy. I just don't know why the EKG was abnormal. Anyway. I am sitting here, scared crazy with no one to turn to. Please keep me in your prayers.The abnormalities are "low voltage QRS in precordial leads" and Inferior/lateral ST-T may be due to myocardial ischemia.
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