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Cardiac ablation

I'm looking for feedback from others who have had a cardiac ablation, especially if it was for SVT.  After the ablation how long were you flat on your back during recovery?  How long after ablation could you resume exercise?  Was the ablation painful?  Any info and or tips is greatly appreciated!   I go in Feb 7th for my ablation for SVT.
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Hi Kelly, first of all, I live in France and in Europe they dont give you general anesthesia so you are awaken all the time. They just give you injection to the area where the catethers will go.
I wasnt scared by the pain, but by feeling what they to do to my heart :) I was shaking on the table for my first ablation!

I had two ablations. The first one not  painful at all, except a moment when I felt a horrific pain during the burning, but the doctor stopped straight away. Other times I felt a bit of warmth or burning, but nothing bad. That ablation was unfortunately pretty much a disaster, so I went for another one a year later.

That one was a bit painful - like if it passed too close to a nerve or something, but it wasnt too bad. No pain during the burning, just the warmth. That one was a success as a plus :)

Im waiting for a pacemaker now, but this is SO rare. And I would still go for the ablations, even I knew this is gonna happen - the SVT was awful to live with.

Cheers from france and dont be scared ♥ I go on february 21 for my pacer, we´ll think of each other! :)
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I had an ablation for an SVT called AVNRT.  I was pretty active so it was easy to induce and it was far from my avnode so all went fine.  The procedure was pretty easy though when they did the burn I felt it.  It wasn't comfortable but you are sedated so it isn't unbearable pain.  You can ask for them to up the pain meds before they ablate if you are worried about the pain too much.  I then had to lay flat for 4 or 5 hours which was actually harder for me because I have low back issues.  They say generally wait a week before exercising again. I was short of breath for a few days afterwards and my heart rate was a bit elevated for about 3 months but eventually went back to normal.  

The only thing that did happen that happens with some but not all is that I developed pretty severe premature beats.  This said, I was having a lot of daily symptoms prior to my ablation so it could be that having the svt fixed revealed them to me.  I honestly was a bit ignorant of the difference until after my ablation but repeated svt episodes irritated my heart causing me to have a lot of premature beats but I was never told the difference so I was taken by surprise afterwards when I felt my heart jumping all over the place. Not the same as the racing heart episodes but definitely annoying.  They did eventually settle down.  If it happens avoid caffeine and foods that upset the stomach and mind your stress.  But hopefully you get your svt fixed and be done with it like most.  If you want to read my experience you can click on my name and read my journal entry.  Best of luck and keep us posted on how it went.  I honestly was super scared to do it but when it was all said and done it was a piece of cake.  For most it goes really smoothly.  Take care.  
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