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Cardionet Heart Monitor Won't Charge

I'm believing it started last night when it wouldn't charge. I placed it in the charger to charge since it was down to 20% and heard it beeping after I left my room to go the bathroom, upon returning I checked it and went to bed, when I woke up this morning I checked it and it was still at 20% and says 'Charging...' but apparently it isn't.

The orange light that usually comes one to tell that it's charging isn't on and it still won't charge higher, I was able to get it to 42% but it won't go anymore. A few times my sensor wasn't connected to the monitor and I was next to it on the charger.

What's the problem with the monitor? I can't send it back till my month of using it is over and that's not till Oct. 7th.
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Are you able to remove the battery?  Sometimes with rechargable batteries you have to reseat the battery for it to recharge.  That said, if you are unable to do that on your end then you may need to trade your unit in.  I would call the doctor who prescribed it and let them know what is going on.
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