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Catheter ablation for SVT??

I have been having about 1 episode a month of tachycardia, I carried an event monitor and they recorded one at 248 beats per minute. These episodes started about 3 months after the birth of my son. I was taken Adderall but stopped and am still having the episodes.
My echo and stress test are normal, but my EKG's show a slight short PR disorder and the event moniter said I had a narrow complex tachycardia.
The cardiologist says I need to have an abaltion before I can think about getting pregnant again, and taking the meds has really bad side effects and that an ablation is my best option.
I am scheulded to have this done on July 14, I know the risk of death is very low but I am still really scared. I am 30years old, great blood pressure, good cholesteral, and overall healthy except for this.
Has anyone been through this and should I go through with it? Thanks
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Hi Sheila!!

Hey, we'll help you through the fear and anxiety.  Not to worry, you are among friends who have been there, done that. : )

I have had two ablations (for PVCs, not SVT) and it was the best thing I could have done!  I have NO regrets and the procedure was not nearly as scary as my mind conjured it up to be!  Oh, I did a real number on myself!!  

There are several members who have had ablations for SVT and hopefully, they'll see your post and come running to help.  

My experiences were great!  I was given a combination of medication (feel good drugs) that worked well at keeping me consciously sedated (happy and calm).  I had Versed and Fentynl and had no ill effects from the meds at all!  The procedures lasted 6.5 - 7 hours each, but the time flew by (for me).  Some people are awake, but I was in la-la land and enjoying a much needed rest.  I did not feel the catheters at all.  When I woke up, I did feel some pressue on my groin where they were closing off the catheter entry site.  After that, I had to lie flat for 6 hours with a sandbag.  I barely moved cuz I wanted NO problems (Remember, BIG chicken here!).  Anyway, things went well and it has been 5 years of much, much calmer rhythms.  Please, please ask anything you want and we'll do our best to help you out.

In what part of the country will you have the procedure done?  I was in Ohio, but others were from other areas.  Not to worry --

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I have had 2 ablations done for VT. The procedure isnt bad at all. They give you some good meds to relax you and also so you dont remember much of it. Really, its a piece of cake. If i ever needed another one, I would do it again. The worst part is the anxiety and the worrying while waiting to have it done.

You should feel much better after you have it done :)  What hospital is going to do it for you?

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Thanks guys, I do think the worst part is the worrying about the procedure. I know the risk of death is like 0.1%-0.3% but it still scares the **** out of me. Know that I have a child all you can think about is something happening to you. I had to have my thyroid taken out like 3 years ago because they thought I might have thyroid cancer and I was not as scared about that, as I am at this. Crazy I know. I am sure when you are put to sleep your risk of death is higher than this procedure. I need to just chill and get through these next few weeks.
Do they drugs they give you make you feel really "out of it"? I just want it to go by quick. So the better the drugs the better I will be...LOL
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Oh I forgot to add that I am having it done at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta ga, near Atlanta, by Dr. Brian Piedad. He is young but supposed to be good, my best friend works in his office and says that he does this all the time.
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The meds I was given made me sleep thru most of it, I remember waking up wondering if it was done at all, so yes, the meds work real well lol. Try not to worry (easier said than done huh?). You will be fine and you will feel much better:) We are here for you anytime.
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I've had 3 ablations (bratty heart!) and they weren't bad at all. The Versed acts like an amnesia drug. You might be able to talk to people when they talk to you but by the next day, you won't remember any of it. The fentanyl controls any pain/discomfort that comes with an ablation. They aren't out to hurt you. They just want to fix your heart.

Sedation may carry some risks but this procedure doesn't require full out anesthesia. It's called conscious sedation. So you won't be needing a tube in your throat for oxygen and probably won't need the dreaded catheter up your hoo-ha for urine. I had abdominal surgery recently and I was more nervous about the throat tube and the catheter. There are some unpleasant after effects with those. With ablation, you wake up and just want to go home and eat.

Do let us know if they feed you a turkey sandwich when you're done. That seems to be the post ablation favorite. Kind of funny actually.
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Like the others said, the meds they use work well!  I also had versed, fentynl and the infamous turkey sandwich : )

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