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Causes of palpitations, can you help?

Hi, I am 29 years old non smoker, I am currently under invesigation after 9 months history of regular palpitations, giddiness, fatigue and becoming short of breath with minimal exertion. I have found be found to have dysrhythmia, an incompletion RBBB, inverted T Waves (although think this may be because of the RBBB?) and ST segment shift (sometimes flatted and sometime depressed), I have had a 24 hr ecg, echo which was normal and as far as I know all the routine blood tests that are taken for investigating a cardic cause were normal too.

I am currently awaiting the results of a weeks worth of event recording, I am also due to have a Exercise Test in a couple of weeks. My cardiologist referred me to an electrophysian who arranged this latter set of tests with a possible view to carrying out ablation as my symtoms are so troublesome, My cardiologist thinks I may have inappropropriate  Sinus Tachycardia but also wonders if something else may be going on as well. Does anyone else have similar symptoms and if so what was the cause?

Many thanks for any advice
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so sorry your going throught this.   its a really scarey thing when your heart beats funny, i started having pac/pvc when i was 23, i thought i was going to die but here i am at 50 and still living.   my heart would skip a beat /run really fast/slow down/ flutter many times in a row and i have gone 10 weeks with everyother beat a flutter, no its not fun at all. i have learn to live with them most the time and they just go away. the more i thought about them the worse they were, i have had many heart test done. last year i had the stress echo test done and my heart is in great shape, so i just live everyday and dont worry when it does its own thing. mine do not come with stress they just come because they want to.   ive been on timiolol for 20 something years and when they get bad i just up the dose it really dont help, ive learn they will stop when they want to.  i hope things get better for you but plz dont let this run your life, it will throw you into anxiety which will be worse  and cause you to have them more i know i lived that life foe 10 years than said ok i have been throught this for 10 years am still alive so do your thing and i will do mine. it worked plus it helps a lot tro have a great support person to hold your hand and get you throught the bad days. my hubby is there for me and it helps so much. always here if you need to talk .Barbara
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Hi, thanks for your kind message, I think once I get a definate diagnosis and they rule out anything harmful i'll be able to relax and as you say "let 'it' get on with it". I just wondered if anyone had similar symptoms and what their diagnosis turned out to be, if my cardiologist had said he thought it was just IST thats fine - I know thats annoying but not harmful, its just a little worrying as there are other abnormalities on my ecgs which don't tie in with IST. What is PVC/PAC exactly?, I am also on a medication although my EP is considering a calcium blocker now and has asked me to consider the ablation. Thats so lovely that you have a supportive husband! thank you again for your advice. Shel
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