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Chest Pain, constant bad Shortness of Breath, acid reflux and h pylori please help

Hello, im desperate, this all started about a month ago, i began getting these big bangs that seemed like it was my heart palpitations but it would be so strong it would go from the chest all the way up the throat. A week later as I got off work I went and sat down in my car, after driving for 3 minutes I began loosing my breath. It was pretty scary. I got home and it kinda stopped. The next day I was still out of breath. It continued so i went to my Doctor 3 days later, while sitting down for like 3 hours waiting for the doctor to see me My shortness of breath got a lot worse and then it became that after each exhale my abdomen or chest would jump every single exhale, this continued until i stayed in bed for a week off work and all It stopped. I began work the next day worked about 4 days... until my friend came over I was driving for about 20 minutes and out of no where i lost my breath again this happened the the 4th of May, anyways my doctor did blood ekg for the heart chest xray and the only thing he found was that i was infected with H pylori, Im on my 8thday taking the medications for h pylori im taking doxy and fygil(cant remember the name) and omeprazole. I was ok after some days it would only come every time i went to sleep after I spent maybe 3 hours watching tv or i shut my tv off I began loosing my breath I cant sleep straight or its worse so I sleep on my right side. Anyways I have noticed that the middle of my chest has a spot that when i touch it or push down it hurts like as if someone sticks a needle in it. its like my muscle I think. I feel most my chest is tight and heavy. I have lost a lot of weight, I get dizzy whenever I sit to eat. Today I started my new math class in college I was out of breath in the class just a little though, and I began massaging my sore spot in my chest (its in the direct middle of the chest to the left side like the bone or muscle) after I did this my breathing got worse, I was really bad and almsot had to leave the class.. After the class was done I went to work, where that spot in my chest was still hurting and I was still out of breath, I noticed that when i looked down or bent down I would loose my breath more, after walking with my head down to test it I almost passed out from loosing my breath, I ran to the hospital and my two hands were going numb as I was driving there, I got more scared once there they did the same test checked my blood chest xray and nothing, he thinks its anxiety but could this really be that? I know i got anxiety while driving to the hospital obviously but this cant be the only cause for my Miserable time its non stop been like this for almost a month. Could it be H Pylori, I also have had Diarrhea for days now perhaps due to the doxy im taking, also I have a bulging disc in my lower lumbar back, this happened last year, I think I have acid reflux I have had this on going for 3 months I think, my shortness of breath is that while im breathing I feel like my lungs stop and freeze. The doctor says I breath just fine no weird sounds when he checks lungs blood pressure is normal so is heart. PLEASE help me please I cant take this what could it be I need to breath good again? THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP
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Sorry to read you are having such a difficult time with you breathing.  While shortness of breath is one symptom of a heart lung system that isn't providing sufficient oxygen there, as you know, can be other problems.  I can't relate the soreness  (tenderness) in the chest area to a heart rhythm problem either.  Said another way, I think the lack of response you've gotten on this community is due to the fact that your story doesn't match up with our experience with heart rhythm problems.

You didn't say what kind of work you do, hard physical, or a desk or other like physical activity...or if you're living a generally healthy life-style - eat well and don't abuse you health with problem substances (alcohol/tobacco/worse).  I'm not asking for any public confessions, more I'm suggesting you think about these things and see if you can "map" an correlation with the breathing problem and other environmental factors.

I know it must be very hard also studying, but recommend you try to keep you mind focused too on the educational goals you have.    
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Please read up about panic disorder here:


No doubt this is hard for you to process right now, but your heart has been checked out several times, and your problems with breathing are classic and entirely consistent with panic disorder. If you read the info at the link I gave, you will even see that chest pain is part of the picture.

Panic is fairly easy to treat, but you need to see the right doctor--and that is a psychiatrist, a doc who is medically trained (thus able to assess your physical symptoms), but who deals with emotional problems, too.

Make an appointment with a good shrink and report back to us here, would you?

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Most all of your symptoms can easily be attributed to anxety and panic disorder.  That's not to say that all your symptoms couldn't be caused by something more serious, but if you've been checked out, you may need to try standing up to the anxiety and taking the risk of enduring the uncomfortable feelings.  Anxiety will pass if you stand up to it and let it happen, then the next time it hits you won't be as worried.  Of course, the most important thing is that the doctor rules out more serious conditions.
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Hey all thanks so much for the very quick and detailed responses, Im really hoping this is just anxiety as I have never woken up with any breathing problem and sometimes it does pass but mostly it stays for a while all day long too..i have lost 10 pounds in this month alone, anyways to answer your question no I dont do any drugs at all no drinking not nothing, in my job yes for the most part its easy, only when we get orders its a lot of boxes about 30 pounds, also I do remember right before this not sure exactly how much before I was doing some stretching all the way back and forth in the chest area you know that stretch where your standing straight and stretch your chest back and forth I do remember feeling this pain while stretching back not sure if this has anything to do with it. I hate hearing it is stress though because it just seems like an answer people give when they dont know what it could be.. Does panic and anxiety last all day long?? for days? weeks? is this normal? I notices it comes back when I drive or im at work or when I was sitting in class yesterday. Thank you all its comforting at least getting responses from people.
PS forgot to mention Im 25 5'7 and now 154 pounds.
Hey brother, it looks like u had a very bad  h pylori  symptoms, found research I found out that this little baster can do a lot of other problems in your body, because ur digesting system it's not well ur not getting enough vitamins in the right places, if ur cold and shake u might not be getting enough iron, and for ur chest and short Bread u definitely not getting probably vitamin b12 which all this vitamins don't appear in a regular blood test, u can get this test done to see if ur low of this type of vitamins and see if that helps. H pylori it's definely not tread it can ruin ur regular life. Also try to change ur diet a bit... try to stay glute free for 60 days, also try some cabbage juice and cranberry juice that seams to help to kill this bacteria. Hope u feel a lot better and I def understand ur pain bro, I end up in the ER thinking this is it but thank good that I had ppl that help me over come this problem
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I see others more experienced with anxiety than me think that could be a major part of your problem.  I know there are "antianxiety" medications.  It may be only a psychiatrist prescribes them, but maybe your primary care can prescribe a trial of that type medication to see if it helps.

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Anxiety affects everyone different but for me it used to just hit once in a while but comes more frequent the more I worried about it.  I went through anxieties years ago where I felt like I couldn't breathe.  It kept happening unitl I said, f-it and just let it happen.  Getting over anxiety and panic honestly requires the attitude of: "if it's gonna kill me, then bring it on but I'm not running from it".  Of course, that's not good advice if there is a real medical condition at hand so it's important to know that it really is anxiety.  If it is anxiety, it'll get better by facing it and not running.  
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Guys..now i just began feeling tingling sensations all over my body i also have other things i didnt mention though but they might be due to h pylori I have had Diarrhea on and off for like 2 weeks and its been yellow today it was regular stool but when I cleaned myself the only thing on the tissue was yellow mucus..could this be due to the same thing? its been going on first yellow diarrhea then now its regular stool and when i wipe its yellow looks like mucus.
It's def h pylori.. ur doctor will give u a triple treatment with one anti acid and 2 antibiotics, remember this bacteria it's hard to kill so with the tredment try to clean ur diet up and eat Whole Foods and some probiotics and enzimes because this treatment can cause the good flora to disappear and other bacteria can grow like candida en other things, hope u get well brother
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Yes, h pylori can make you feel terrible, the diarrhea probably is from the doxy.  I had h pylori 30 years ago and it causes stomach ulcers, your stomach is next to your vagus nerve and also your heart, so you can get very strange symptoms.  But some of your symptoms, the pain near your sternum and your head down when walking, sound like a neck problem, I had that also, (it takes a MRI of your cervical spine to check that out) I would do this involuntary breath catching thing, like I lost my breath, also had alot of arm and shoulder pain.  It ended up being a bone spur from my neck pushing on my spinal cord, which controls breathing and lots more.  I had this stuff for 2 years before anyone checked my neck though.  I had to get a cervical fusion to correct it.  You could just have some muscle problems though and a good massage therapist can easily help you feel better.  You may have anxiety from not feeling good and being worried about it, but check out your physical self before you let someone pass your symptons off as anxiety. Best wishes.
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I also have suspected h. pylori and have been out of work as a voice actor for a month because I can't breathe well.  It's not anxiety, though this condition definitely makes a person feel anxious.  I have lung pain and am breathless so I can't speak normally and my doctor said it's because the acid irritates the esophagus, diaphragm and airways.  I have to wait another 10 days to get a test since I had to be off Prilosec for 2 weeks first, and I have heart palpitations, severe stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, weight loss, severe reflux and shortness of breath so bad I can't work.  Everything I eat makes me sick and even my joints hurt so much I can't sleep well.  I'm EXHAUSTED.
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