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Chest tightness and heaviness

Hi All, I am a 26yo female with no history of health conditions. Recently I've been experiencing some chest/heart related symptoms and all medical tests so far have not found the cause.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of the cause of the following symptoms:
1. Heart palpatations - worse at night, sometimes racing, sometimes a thud, sometimes a light fluttering, sometimes feels like my heart has dropped.Note: No shortness of breath.
2. Chest tightness - feeling of chest being crushed and a vibrating feeling (flares up each day at different times, no obvious pattern, not necessarily triggered by physical exertion).
3. Hot sweats
4. Shaky hands
5. Resulting anxiety worrying about what is wrong with my heart.

Absence of (i.e NOT presenting with):
1. Shortness of breath
2. Pain when I press my chest.
3. Dizziness
4. Fever
5. High blood pressure

Thyroid issues ruled out. Blood tests fine. Chest Xray clear.

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Hello, I can sure relate to worry about heart issues. I am wondering, are you under more stress than usual?  All the symptoms you listed point directly to stress and anxiety. I know the heart issues are causing anxiety and that can cause a vicious circle, the more we worry, the more pronounced the symptoms become.

I have skipped beats often, they scare me so much, I know the more I get the scared, the worse they become. Our hearts are very sensitive to our feelings. Anxiety is lots of the time the main catalyst as it releases the flight or fight hormone which is Adrenalin. Unfortunately, it a very upsetting vicious circle.

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