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Chronic Fatigue After An Ablation

I had an ablation almost 2 years ago.  I was in perfect health and then my heart started beating rapidly.  I ended up in the ER and it would not stop.  The option was surgery (ablation) or medication for the rest of my life.  I opted for the surgery.  Now I am having lots of medical problems.  It started with being tired.  I now sleep 9 - 10 hours at night and take a nap.  I have my own business but it has really suffered.  During the last 3 months I have been having pain.  It feels like acid is running under my skin.  I have it in my arms and in my ankles radiating up to my knees.  I have "good" days and "bad" days.  Yesterday I did not leave home.  I was light headed all day and could not function.  My doctor put me on an antidepressant when I told her even the roots of my hair hurt.   She also gave me pain medication which I am taking but....Help!!!!!!   Has anyone had any kind of symptoms after their ablation?  I feel like my electrical system has been messed up but I am not even sure I have an electrical system.  I use the military medical system and they have a hard time looking at things they can not see.  
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I am sorry to hear how miserable you are feeling. Have you felt this way since your ablation procedure? I have had many procedures myself and have not experienced the debilitating symptoms you have listed. I am not sure that what you are dealing with is a direct result of your procedure. In fact, it may be something completely unrelated.

Your symptoms sound very familiar to those of Fibromyalgia. This condition is tricky to diagnose and is done so by excluding all other possibilites. Tests that you may want to inquire about: CBC (complete blood count), ESR (erythrocyte sedimintation rate), Thyroid function tests. Rhematologists are the specialists who treat this disorder.

I hope that you find the answers to help you get to the bottom of your current situation:)
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Thanks for answering.  I am trying to determine what is wrong with me.  My Doctor is giving me medication for Fibromylgia, however, I did not feel bad until after my surgery.  I want to find the root cause of all my pain.  I was wondering if it had to do with my heart surgery.  

I only know one other person who has had an ablation and she also gets fatigued easily, however, she has a chaotic lifestyle which I think causes her fatigue.  I do not have any drama in my life.  I am just desperate for answers because when I told the Dr. I had pain like acid under my skin she suggested I see a Psychiatrist.  She did up my medication and I feel better.

My cardiologist released me after the ablation and I have never seen him again.  He told me I did not need any follow up.  Is that true?

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Arghhhhh, your cardiologist said "no need for followup." That is not true. Of course you need to have a followup after the procedure. Just like any surgery or procedure that a person goes through, there is always a followup, it's usually 6-8 wks following the ablation.

I was just sitting here thinking about your symptoms and something came to mind...you may suggest to your Dr another possibiltiy to explain this process (RSD/ CRPS - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy -Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Sometimes it is up to us, the patient, to research possibilities and then address them with the Dr. I really hope that you get to the bottom of this:)

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Hi.  Weird symptoms? I think I know what you're talking about.  I will have days where an area of my body will feel almost like it burns.  It hurts to the touch and it will spread.  Usually lasts for around 24 hours.  I think I could describe it like acid that radiates.  I have fibromyalgia, so this is also possible.  I've never had an ablation, but mine started right after a car accident where I had a bad case of whiplash.  Fibro has a myriad of symptoms associated including heart rhythm disorders, so maybe IT was the culprit that caused your heart to start racing to begin with.  I am sorry to hear that you are having problems.  I guess the club I belong to is bigger than I thought!
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I had  heart ablations twice.After my second procedure,I was and am so sore, achy, and unable to function as before ,at 53yrs old I was discouraged ,I could only walk a very short distance,(200 ft),with time I  slowly regained about a third of  my physical condition. I was diagnosed with stressed  induced  fibromyalgia  and went on disability and taking lots of meds.I discussed my condition with the cardiologist and they denied any connection --I would not wish this pain on any one---if I do any thing like changing oil in my vehicle, driving a long distance,tec. ,it puts me out of commission for days.          

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You are not alone. I had an ablation procedure done last year and I have been in pain ever since. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I believe the ablation procedure caused this. My first symptoms were numb fingertips and then the pain progressed to my feet and now runs up my legs. It feels like someone has beat me with a hammer. All the doctors I have seen since the ablation deny it's related but I think their full of crap! I wish the best for you because I understand how you feel. Take care.
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Not a answer just a observation or statement in itself. In early 2011 at 55 I had ablations heat, cryo and maze for afib because cardioversion and pills would not knock me out of afib. I went from being hyper to being diagnosed with chronic fatigue during the year that followed. Other issues happened from lymes disease sleep apnea to prostate cancer over the next year so I've blamed my extreme fatigue on everything but the afib. 7 years later, 2018 very short episodes of afib started coming back. I wasn't going to let that happen and tried meds no luck so had heat and maze (Mayo doesn't do cryo any more?) ablations repeated. THE DAY AFTER this ablation my energy level from 10 years ago is back. I've gone from sleeping 15 hrs.  a day to sleeping 8 and no longer am I forcing myself to stay awake. One month post ablation my energy is awesome.
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