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Cipro and heart rhythm issues

Is it safe to take Cipro with A Fib and or skipped heartbeats.  I have made the mistake of reading the warning label!    
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I don't know of any contraindications of taking antibiotics with afib.  There are some if you are on certain anti-arrythmic drugs like Norpace and Rythmol.  I know, those warning labels are bad.  It's a fine line between being informed and being scared to death.  They have to put anything that EVER happened to anyone.  I have found the pharmacy is a good advisor and also your family doctor.  Your pharmacist should be able to tell you about any possible interactions.
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I have multiple arrhythmias and have taken Cipro with no side effects at all. It varies from person to person which, as DeltaDawn mentioned, means they have to mention it.
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