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Considering Ablation

I have been having "palpitations" for a number of years.  I've tried atenenol, sotalol, and I'm now on propafenone (4 pills a day) and dilitizem (3 pills a day).  I will be going to consult with a cardiologist about cardiac ablation, but since reading of everyone's bad results (e.g., continuing heart rhythm problems, chest pain, etc.) I'm seriously wondering where are the success stories?  They say 85-95% success rate, and no need for medications afterwards, so I'm attracted.  I continue to have problems even with all the medications; although for the moment, taking another propafenone seems enough to convert me after a couple hours.
If you've had any success with cardiac ablation, please let me know.  From the accounts I've been reading on this site, perhaps, I'll just keep on keeping on the way I am.  I am a 61 year old female.  Thank you.
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I have posted on numerous occasions about my very successful ablation for a-fib and a-flutter. My ablation was done in January 08 and I have been in NSR ever since. I am off all meds. The ablation has given me back my life. I was very symptomatic with my a-fib and flutter. Having the ablation was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Good Luck. Wishing you well, and wishing you enough...
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Hi I am a 57 year old male I had my first ablation done in March 06 it lasted a year and I went on Sotolol to help keep me in rhythm. It got bad again this spring and I swtched from Sotolol to Tikosyn but it didn't help, so I had a second ablation done in June, I am still having problems and may be looking at a third ablation right now I am trying a brand new drug called Mutaq or dronedarone to see if it will work first. I am a firm believer that if you can treat it with meds rather that have an invasive procedure then do so unless they cause you problems in themselves, or they fail to provide relief. Take the time and talk to an Electrophysiologist remember they are the rhythm specialists and are more atuned than the regular cardiologist. That is not meant to down play the cardiologist is is an important member of the team but you do need the input of a good, qualified EP guy who has performed hundreds of ablations he will be better able to address your questions and concerns.

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I can't speak from personal experience but I know two people who were advised to go ahead with this surgery who didn't need it. One actually got another opinion and the other went through it but with no success. In both cases it turned out they had Graves disease or hyperthyroidism. It was too much thyroid hormone that was causing all their palpitations. This is something I have experienced myself from too much thyroid although in my case it was medication induced because of a misdiagnosis by 5 different doctors. I'm still struggling with continued heart problems because of having too much thyroid for too long. I would advise if a dr has not already run all the tests to do a very very thorough- and I do mean thorough thyroid testing. Most only run a few tests that don't give the whole picture (trust me I went undiagnosed with thyroid disease for 3 years because of insufficient testing by multiple doctors). If you've already had all the very thorough tests done and this doesn't apply please disregard what I'm saying but after watching two people I know deal with this I don't think it's the surgery is unsuccessful but perhaps in those cases there is something else wrong and the surgery can't correct that- only fixing the correct problem will.
Take care,
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I'm one of those "successful" ones.  I've been through tons of testing over 5 years, top to bottom inside out, been told nothing was wrong with me; until a few months ago.

I had 54,181 pvc's on my holters and some other minor things going on - sorry very hard to type right now; I'm post op and only typing with 1 hand.

my EP saved my life with ablation, please check out my name or profile and read about my surgery - I'm still waiting to see if the problem was ARVD or idiopatic, but my heart stopped at times and they caught it during surgery.
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Thanks for your response.  I have been babysitting and wasn't able to log in.  I'm happy you are doing okay.  Somehow your "successful" ablation still doesn't seem too attractive, but perhaps, with the other complications, it did save your life.  I talked with my family physician and she's had good results with the 10 or so patients she knows who underwent the procedure.  Still, I'm feeling more comfortable with the devil I know, so to speak, than that I don't.  I'm going for a consultation in a couple weeks, which will give me more information, and can still make my decision afterward.  Ablation could be a great thing--I guess that's what I'd be betting on!.  Take care.
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