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Considering cardio ablation for WPW

I have WPW and my cardiologist is recommending radiofrequency ablation.  I'm looking to hear experiences of those who have had the procedure.  Effectiveness? Side affects? Anxiety post procedure?  Thanks.
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There were two done for WPW this past me.  One of them was me.  Please see my journal entries for details, or look down the list here for "Post Ablation Observations".  I'm feeling great!
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....sorry, no edit button "There were two done for WPW this past week...."
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Did you have a test for WPW before ablation?
Are there different types of WPW that you know of?
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I'm not sure if there's a test for WPW other than observing the wave form on the EKG.

Rather, WPW is a type of AVRT.  After the dust settled and I had a follow-up visit to the EP in late December, he told me that after looking carefully at the test data gathered during the procedure, it turns out that I have a form of AVRT called Circus Movement Tachycardia (CMT) and not WPW as was first thought.  These two types are very closely associated though. Going on 3 months of being tachy free!
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