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Continuous Palpitations/ Skipped Beats

Hi there, I posted about a month ago about what is going on with me but I will just summarize it briefly:
I am 17 years old, don’t drink caffeine, smoke, drink, or really anything bad. I have a pretty decent diet, and I drink mainly water.
I’ve been experiencing palpitations for a few years, I’d get some in a day and they would scare me, but go away. However, 2 months ago, I had nearly constant palpitations (these ones were like skipped beats) that lasted 5 days- and then just went completely away up until the beginning of this month (July 2018). I started experiencing the skipped beats again, and have been basically ever since. I had blood tests done 2 months ago, which were all fine. I had a monitor on for 2 days 5 months ago, which also turned out fine besides my heart rate going high sometimes. I had ecgs done but of course, didn’t experience symptoms during them. At the beginning of this month, I had an echo done, which I have learned has came out normal.
I’m just very lost and don’t know where to go from here. I’m completely miserable and feel like I can think live my life. As a teenager, I can’t enjoy my summer and have a good time like everyone else my age and it feels terrible. Everyone is telling me I am ok, and nothing bad can happen from this, but every time I get one I’m convinced I’m dying. They feel awful. I once had an irregular beat that lasted about 10 seconds where my heart was beating but a random extra beat would keep interrupting it, this was really scary and I’m always afraid of it happening again. This morning I was experiencing palpitations and tried breathing deeply to slow my heart down and control them, but I felt like I couldn’t take a full breath if that makes sense. The palpitations happen so often and feel bad to the point where I cant possibly understand how it can’t be dangerous, how nothing can possibly be wrong with my heart. I just don’t know where to go from here and am very afraid that I’m never going to get my life and my old self back. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it
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Hi there, unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you but I can definitely relate to you.  I am 37 years old & starting experiencing palpitations about 8 years ago.  I only had them every now & again but the past year I have had them quite frequently.  Mine are felt mostly in my throat.  Occasionally I will have a thud in my chest.  I also have a feeling of “sinking in my chest” if that makes sense.  Feels like when you get scared or taken by surprise & your “heart drops”.  I have had numerous EKGs, 2-3 echos, worn 24 hr monitors at least twice & have recently had a treadmill stress test & also wore a 30 day monitor.   I am told I am fine & my heart is healthy.  But it still scares the mess out of me.  Just wanted to say you’re not alone & there are SO many on here who experience our same symptoms.   If you haven’t had a full work up by a cardiologist I definitely recommend one just to be safe.  But most likely your palpitations are benign & more worrisome & scary than they are actually harmful.  That’s hard to understand when you’re having these feelings, though.  It can get quit miserable & consume your life with fear.   It’s a daily battle for me.  But, I have learned to just trust God & lay my concerns & fears at His feet!  Prayers for you.  
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Thank you so much for your comment, it’s really reassuring to know I’m not crazy! I will take your advice and go from there. Thank you again!
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I totally know what you are talking about. Been there.I often have thousands of these PVCs a day. I have had this condition since 1978 and I'm 67 years old now. It does affect the quality of life. Doctors are not very sympathetic, especially if they have never experienced these irregular beats.  They just say they are benign. But that doesn't help you to cope. And it becomes a vicious cycle since you become anxious, and the anxiety over them causes adrenaline to be released, which in turn can cause more PVCs.  I had to raise 4 kids with this condition. Needless to say, I was crabby and miserable.  A year or two ago  I read a study that said people with this condition benefited from Acebutolol.  I asked my cardiologist if I could try it and he said that it was an older drug but worth a try. I am on 400mg twice a day and it has been like a miracle. I might get an occasional PVC in a month, but most of the time I am not aware of any at all.  Previously I had like 10,000 or more a day.  It might be worth a try to ask for Acebutolol. I hope this has helped you. God bless.
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