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Could this be related?

Just a little back ground I’m 31, male, athletic build, 6’2. Non smoker/drinker I try to do everything right. No caffeine or stims. I was having arrhythmias along and body twitches all over the body no specific place (stomach, arms, legs, face) off and on for 4-5 days straight which is unusual for me some went to the doc. I had an abnormal ekg that showed a wide QRS but normal sinus rythm which was said to be possible right bundle branch block? Would this cause these symptoms? My blood work so far has came back ok checking electrolytes exc. sometimes I feel as if these muscle twitches are squeezing the heart (no pain). They come and go in severity. Anyone had similar things happen? Even if it’s just the body/muscle twitches all over? These started the same time as the arrhythmias did lasting the last 6 days and still going. I do have LVH diagnosed 5 years ago and I am on blood pressure medication but otherwise health.
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