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Daily PVC's

  I am new to the forum and have been reading many postings. I have been having a problem for the past two months where I experience skipping heart beats. I have had problems with this a few times in the past the first time was just after the birth of my daughter and then again when I was around 35 but at that time I had just lost my father to a heart attack. I've been to the ER several times in the past few months due to my palpitations and keep being told that I am having PVC's and they are not serious and I shouldn't worry. Well, tell that to someone who suffers too with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I take clonopin for the anxiety but lately it's doesn't seem to help. I also take Atenolol, 50mg. daily for the palpitations. It seems to help for about 3 hrs. and then things start up again. I also have hypertension and take atacand, norvasc, and clonidine for it. I am at a loss as to what to do. I've had a stress/echo and a couple of echocardiograms and have been told that things look good. My refraction rate is 60% and I've been told that is wonderful. So, why do I have my heart skipping beats? It is scaring me and then that adds to my anxiety which I am sure doesn't help. These palpitations are making my life miserable and I am afraid to leave the house. My life is very stressful due to my husband who is trying to recover from a serious car accident and was told just a couple of weeks ago that his broken arm isn't healing and he will need another surgey. Also, he lost his job and was forced into early retirement which cost us all our life's savings. Now we live on 60% of what my husband made when he worked. We were not prepared for this as we had 4 more years, we thought; to get our finances in order. I am a retired nurse but the places I worked never offered any kind of retirement plan so what we had in savings was what I was able to put into it from my pay checks.  I am sure that the stress I am under isn't helping my heart and with heart disease in my family and having hypertension, I am scared that I am just a heart beat away from a heart attack or stroke, no pun intended. I need HELP! Thank you to anyone who answers.
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Sorry you've had some much to deal with, I'm sure that would raise anxiety in all of us.  
So, the first step is to somehow convince yourself you are going to be fine, you will get through this.. maybe you would want to consider going back into nursing for a short time, I understand there is always a need for nurses.  

Not much help, well there are other measures that can be taken to correct PVC, an intervention one is called an Ablation.  This is rather expensive if you don't have it covered by health insurance... sorry maybe more anxiety.

Getting control of the anxiety will go a long way to making you much better.  Have you posted on the anxiety community?
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  It was kind of you to reply to my post. From what I've read about your heart, you've had some scary things but so glad that you pulled through. Even though I've been a nurse, I don't like having my own health problems. I make a terrible patient and I have been through 5 doctors in the last nine years. I end up getting mad at how unsympathetic they were and how they never would listen to me. I also do a lot of research on medications and will questions the doctor if I feel what he wants to give me isn't going to help or it has some terrible side effects. I do tend to be one that is sensitive to a lot of medications.
   I am trying to get a handle on my anxiety but I've not been successful. I've seen Social Workers and a psychologist but none of them have ever given me solutions just sitting and talking. I can do that with a friend and it's free. I will be seeing a psychiatrist in May and that will be my last resort.
    Thanks again for your reply. I just can't continue living with this fear of palpitations daily. I don't want to end up sick and needing constant care. I don't have anyone who would even care what happened to me even though I do have two grown kids. Neither one even speaks to me. I don't want to be old and sick and alone. Ok, I am getting morbid. Take care and good health to you.
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I can relate to your fears. I have those PAC's/skipped beats, and they scare me something awful. I hate going out of the house, especially alone, I live in fear of them everyday. I have had all the tests too, and they are all good, but, does that help me, nope, no way. I have high anxiety and I know this does not help. As I said in the Anxiety forum that med help sponsors, when I am calm, I believe myself when I say all is well, but, when I am in anxiety mode, I do not believe myself. It is awful.

The anxiety forum that Jerry was talking about is sponsored by the same folks that sponsor this group, you are welcome to go to my homepage and scroll to the bottom, there, you will see a list of the communities of which I am a member of, when you get to anxiety, just click on that and you will go right to it. There are many folks there who have your exact same problems and they are very helpful.

I always fear that someday I will be a burden on folks too. Except for my dad, and my boyfriend, who is more of a friend than anything else, I do not think anyone would care if something happened to me, oh, I have an Aunt that would care, but, actually not too many would even notice if I was around or not. Now, I really feel this way when I am in anxiety mode, but when I am OK, like today, I really do not think about it, so, I feel right now, that your fears and sadness are related to that darn anxiety and fear.

I am 51 and been experiencing anxiety and flutters since my mid 20's, I am obviously still here, things WILL get better.

You are welcome to PM me anytime you need to vent or someone to talk to, I may not answer right away, I have a bad neck and upper back spasms and these prevent me from being on the computer a lot, but, when I am on, I will answer.

Take care and God bless.
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wow, you must be under tremendous stress.  my heart responds in a similar manner to yours.  get control of the anxiety first.  it's tough as the PAC/PVC's make everything worse.  it took me weeks to climb out of the cycle.
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