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Dangerous arrhythmias in Young heart?

I'm 23 yo,normal weight,no smoke,no sport. From 7 y i have heart's problems. I have often chest pain, dizziness, low bp at rest about 95-100/60. My heart at rest is slow about 40-50 bpm. I have did recently a holter 24 h: fc min in night 32 bpm, fc min day 42 bpm,fc max 215 bpm(during a run),fc avg 88 bpm. About 2000 PVC/h. Ventricular couple: 50. 6 episods  of ventricular bigeminy of 30 minutes (fc 36-50bpm). Cardiac's pauses in night: 40 of max 3 seconds(10 pauses of 3 sec). Then i have did a cardiological visit with ecg at rest: fixed S2 split, present S3, present ventricular gallop, mitral murmur 3/6,pulmonary murmur 4/6,tricuspid murmur 2/6. Ecg at rest: sinusal bradycardia 48 bpm,right brunch block incomplet,10 PVC, signs of left and right ventricular overload, signs of left atria overload.
Are these arrhythmias dangerous for my heart? I feel that my heart stops frequently,is it dangerous? I overcame abdontlaly my fc max of 193 to go over 200 (215 here) is it dangerous? For my heart a simply walk of some minutes causes over 200 bpm.
Thanks of all
best regards
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Yes that's a highly abnormal. They need to figure out underlying pathology. Do you have a family history of cardiac issues?
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Some possibilities to explore for you will be:

Hypertropic cardiomyopathies
Other organ issues involving the kidney, lungs or liver

You need a very careful echo and possibly a stress echo to figure this out. Priority is going to be fixing that underlying issue..

Often times volume overload, bundle branches and arrhythmias are all related, as the volume issues can damage the heart muscle and create a "substrate" for the tachycardia. Bundle branches often come with septal defects and are not uncommon. Having a right bundle, while not concerning on its own certainly can help point to the correct diagnosis.

In the rare event that your history and echo points towards a more malignant issue like arvd the treatment will need to be significantly more aggressive (medications and possible an implanted defibrillator/pacemaker)
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