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Diabetes and heart palpitations

I am a 46 year old male who has been experiencing an increase recently of palpitations. I was diagnosed a few years ago with Supraventricular Ectopic Episodes from wearing a holter monitor. I am diabetic type 2 and recently started on insulin for my blood sugars. I am wondering if there is some connection with being diabetic and having these heart episodes. I am wondering if anyone else experiences the same problem. I get anxious when I have these episodes and have presented at the emergency room a few times at night when heart palpitations have been really bad. I am on blood pressure medication and metropolol 25 mg twice a day but it slows the heartrate down but doesnt stop the palpitations
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i have wondered about the connection in between blood sugar and palpitations.  Some time ago I went to the ER for palpitations.  I had been sick with a nasty ear infection for a number of days and suddenly picked of hundreds of palpitations, I went to the ER they diagnosed PAC's and sent me home.  They did note that my blood sugar was high which they thought was related to being sick.  A follow-up test showed normal blood sugar, so if I have diabetes it must not be chronic.  Often, if I eat a lot of junk food I will notice more palpitations, perhaps related to high sugar again??  
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Thanks for your imput, Last Sat I was driving and experienced Palpitations leading to an event of SVT, It was very frightening as I had to find an area to pull over and call for an ambulance. Felt like my heart was experiencing a bad electrical event.
Have now increased Metoprolol to 50mg during the day and 25 mg at night.
My blood sugars were up a bit when I got to the hospital, but I feel that anxiety played a lot with what occurred this time
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