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Diagnosed with Mobitz II during surgery but reclassified as Mobitz I

80 yo had surgery for elbow fracture March 11 and had  AV heart block. Troponin T 11 ng/L after surgery and then 17 ng/L the following day. Told it was a benign arrhythmia and we didn’t need to do anything about it.

Ever since been feeling very weak, breathless upon exertion,  ankle swelling, pain in center of back.  Went to the ER back in March but EKG and other tests were clear.

How common is a heart block during anesthesia? Are these blocks temporary due to the anesthesia or was her heart damaged as evidenced by the Troponin? I have an appointment with a cardiologist May 31st but do I need to get her in faster. Thanks

Select abnormal EKG strip posted here https://postimg.cc/gallery/FvxRH2W

Additional info
ER Cardiology consult post surgery- “Cardiology are consulted for dropped beats concerning for heart block on telemetry. Per report, she started having dropped beats on the monitor during the case and this has continued in the Lunder 3 PACU. She has been hemodynamically stable with these. Review of limited telemetry strips shows periods of 2:1 AVB and other periods of 3:2 AVB, with very subtle PR prolongation that are consistent with Wenckebach. No intervention is necessary as this is a benign rhythm.”

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