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Diagnosed with STV and asked to increase my Toprol XL, concerned

I have taken Toprol XL or some beta blocker since the 1980s. I was originally (at that time) diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and sinus tachycardia. I recently wore a 14 day monitor and today my cardiologist said I have STV. I assume he can tell the difference between STV and sinus tachycardia but to me they feel the same.

I already take 50mg Toprol XL twice a day. He wants me to take a half pill extra when I take my regular pill. I really don't want to because a beta blocker wipes me totally out. I can barely get through the day. When I took my first beta blocker, I had to take a nap and have done so every day since then and, as I said, that was in the eighties.

If anyone has this and has any advice based on their own experience, I'd appreciate your feedback. I know there are other drug options and also a procedure. I'd like to avoid any of that if at all possible.
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I see no way to edit this and I meant SVT.
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Based only on my own experiences: I take 50mg of Metoprolol ER (generic) and I am left with approx. 24,000 PACs or PVCs a day - went as high as 38,000 per day without medication as checked with a Holter monitor. The difference here might be that my heart rate at rest rarely goes beyond 65BPM and I can only tell them by their arrhythmic occurrence.
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I'm currently on 75mg of Metoprolol, but have been as high as 200mg.  Now THAT wiped me out, nut was actually half of what can be prescribed.  I had 54 years of SVT before deciding to do something about it.  The procedure is relatively simple for the patient, and you're out same day, or after an overnight stay.  This approach actotally has no more rush than messing with anti-arrhythmics.  It could be an opportunity to get your life back and feel normal again.
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Make that "no more risk than messing...."
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