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Looking for some info on my test results I just received, I found this website called diagnose me - this is in NO way to be used in place of a proper dr's care or diagnosis, but they do have an option where you can get a medical md to look at your symptoms, tests etc and even do follow up questions over the phone for no additional charge.  http://www.diagnose-me.com/ there's different pricing plans and it looks similar to MH's diagnosis tools from an MD from full computer analysis $25 to $77? I think for a doctor to look.

What I was most shocked at is the FREE report you get and recommendations and loads of useful health information.  Be forewarned - with my problems it took me almost 4 hours to complete; over 900 questions - so I did mine in sections since I had so much info.  I was a little confused which blood tests to put in since I've had so many; so I put in my lowest or highest scores just to get my 'worst case scenerio'.

Talk about shock - no clue how my dr's have missed my TSH being elevated or that I have an 87% chance of having Hypothyroidism.  Here's an example:

Hypothyroidism is suggested partly by:
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) (web)Hypothyroidism can present itself as obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

Edema (Water Retention) (web)
Metrorrhagia (web)Prolonged and/or heavy periods are a sign of hypothyroidism.

Problems Caused By Being Overweight (web)
... and 9 other conditions listed in the complete report

...and partly by the following:
Mildly elevated TSH
Low body temperature
Constant fatigue
Chronic fatigue for over 3 months
... and 14 other symptoms listed in the complete report

There was one thing that was bad though - it told me to go to the ER/DR - due to my pain in my upper abdomen; which I thought was due to my icd...

Condition: A Potentially Urgent Medical Need
Severe abdominal discomfortSevere acute or prolonged abdominal pain is a possible symptom of many serious conditions. You are advised to seek medical attention as soon as...

Moderate chest pain
and some info on my BM's that I will NOT post lol sorry too much info you have to do your own :P

I haven't even gotten to the heart section of reading; I think you have to pay for that part grrrr but I'll post after - I'm going to pay for mine just to see.  This looks to be a very good tool in those of us dealing with health problems that haven't been diagnosed or we're having a difficult time to get a dx - if anyone's used this please post the pros/cons.
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Interesting. I tried it out but couldn't get anything for free at all, LOL.  But, it did confirm one suspicion that I've had all along.  During the height of my palpitation issues (April 2010 - September 2010) I was also experiencing some other weird symptoms that have gone away along with the scary palps.  All of which indicated Hyperthyroidism (weight loss, anxiety, sweating, waking early/trouble sleeping, constant caffeinated feeling, trembling, etc.).  My TSH level kept dropping over 2009/2010 and my last test was at .6 which was in the bottom 10% of the range.  Just a couple more points and it would have been abnormal.  Diagnose Me was very clear in saying that .6 was well below normal and actually low. My GP sees ranges as being concrete cookie cutter norms for every person on earth and wouldn't consider the possibility that my body wasn't happy at that low of a level.  Even after I explained to her that on my dad's side of the family 3 out of 4 of the women have either hyper or hypo thyroid, some bounce back and forth between.  If I start feeling that way again, and believe you and me I'll know - I plan to revisit the thyroid connection.  

Let us know what your paid-for report comes up with!
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check your email again later today or tomorrow - I did mine yesterday,  but it took till 1140pm last night EST for mine to show up - if you see an email from them check it out - did you get an email from them yet? check spam if not, yahoo sent mine to spamantor grrr

mine says this: Diagnose-Me.com: Preliminary Analysis - Thank you for submitting your responses to the questionnaire.  Our diagnostic system, The Analyst, has now performed a preliminary review of your case.  Its findings can be found here - [link] then gives a link to click and it shows the free analysis; which the heart part of mine was the paid portion.

interesting the thyroid connection for you also; I've read it can be a factor but the hospital didn't send my ER bloodwork to my EP so I had no clue mine was elevated.

let me know if you don't get your email; I'll go mock a report up on my hubby's email for him hehehe
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This post is long sorry, but for others who want to know, I thought I would put it in here - I would not pay for this test if the only problem I had were rhythm problems

I paid for my test, and the only thing disappointing was not alot of info on heart related stuff I wanted to know about, but a wealth of other health information that may play a part in what is wrong with me; I will post the entire report in my journals for anyone who wants to see them and their recommendations.

Condition: Arrhythmias/Dysrhythmias Likelihood  100%  
Concern level  - unconcerned (isn't that just like most dr's? lol I should ask for a refund based on this hehehe)

There were a few things that I did not know; like I had a 74% Increased Risk of Coronary Disease / Heart Attack even though I do not have any CAD symptoms and my cardiac cath showed my arteries were clean.

I didn't know about Diabetes Type II  - Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of diabetes-related death. People with diabetes are two to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. At least 65% of people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.

I have a 99% Increased chance that something is seriously wrong with my stomach - urgently need to see a doctor about this matter
100% Chance Mitral Valve Prolapse
90% Anemia (Iron deficiency)
88% Chance Hypothyroidism
85% Bacterial Dysbiosis
84% Gastric/Peptic/Duodenal Ulcers
77% Chance Diabetes Type II
72% Autoimmune Tendency
71% Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Syndrome
76% Chance Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency
70% Mercury Toxicity (fillings)
67% Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
54% Increased Risk of Atherosclerosis
56% Chance Lupus, SLE
44% Increased Risk of Chronic Renal Insufficiency;  41% Chance Kidney Disease;
45% Multiple Sclerosis

I had to laugh at this - You are showing signs of moderate Aerobic Exercise Need 99% - considering in the notes section for the Dr I wrote about my heart conditions and why I had to avoid anything exertional.

There is one thing that concerns me greatly and I've put in my journal and plagues my thoughts. This will be one of the first things I'll be going over with my new dr - There appears to be a good chance that you have Cancer:

Enlarged liver - The liver is a common site for metastatic cancer (dx via CT 2005)
Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
Low Melatonin Level
Hypoalbuminemia (A low albumin level)
Vitamin A Requirement
Cancer in family members
Chronic fatigue for over 3 months
High coffee consumption (may be time to try to break my habit ugh)
Omnivorous diet Discontinued low-carb diet
Being in your 40s

It appears there is a very serious likelihood that you have Diabetes Type II
You are showing signs of significant Risk of Atherosclerosis
It appears there is overwhelming evidence of Intermittent Claudication
It appears there is a high probability that you have Hypoglycemia
It appears there is some evidence that you are suffering from Congestive Heart Failure
You are showing signs of moderate Risk of Colon Cancer
You have indicated that you have Endometriosis (surgery in 2005)
It seems there is a definite possibility that you have Lupus
There is a great deal of evidence of your having Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Syndrome
It appears that you have moderate Risk of Cervical Cancer
You could be suffering from moderate Risk of Stroke
You could be suffering from moderate Risk of Colon Cancer

ok, so in other words, I am doomed...my dr's have told me I'm as healthy as a horse :P on the upside....You probably have minor Premature/Signs of Aging muhaha can't wait to show my hubby that one - he's always using the age card on me since I'm 16 mths older than he is lol
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Sure... you're healthy as a horse, but let's implant this defibrillator anyways.  Just 'cause it's stylish. LOL

I got my email. Pretty interesting.  Thryroid excess AND Progesterone excess.  Both abnormal results on my bloodwork were seen by my GP and both just scoffed at as being inconsequential.  Both are contributing factors to palpitations and I didn't realize I had other symptoms that coincided directly with each condition.  

The EP did say he thought it was my hormones making this problem worse.  Now to push for some hormone testing.  Ovaries produce progesterone so why are they making too much? hmmm....

The progesterone thing also coincides with my boob problem.  Massive ruptured cysts and nipple leakage for the past year.  This hormone can cause this sort of problem too.  

Very interesting site and a good starting point to narrow down some testing avenues for people who aren't getting results with their nonchalant GP's.  Thanks!
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yes, that's pretty much what mine says too - I'll post the extra info so you can see it in my journal there is a TON of info I'm still going through.  I had no clue all of this autoimmune stuff may be related and connected between AI & heart problems.

It really ticks me off and makes me realize how crappy some dr's are - I did ask in the thyroid forum and called my old dr's office.  According to AACE, TSH "norm" is 0.3-3.0is now the parameter, I'm not sure if you have that info?  My dr's office that had my info in 1998 destroys the info after 10 years and my memory isn't what it used to be so I can't remember what it was :(

oh man, you better get that cyst and leakage checked out - one of the things on my breast cancer section talks about it - I'll make sure I post that part in my journal too in case they didn't send you the whole set of info.  I would make sure the dr does a full panel for hormones just to be safe; not sure if your insurance covers BRACA genetic testing, I was surprised to find mine covered it as long as it was part of my yearly well visit I get free, otherwise it's around $3,500.

btw there is an option for a $25 computer report, $55 doctor, $77 doctor and followup - I did the $55 option but I wasn't really impressed with the dr review so don't waste your money but the $25 may be really beneficial
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