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Diet & Vagus Nerve

So about 8 years ago I was Dx. with PCOS. I gained a lot of stomach weight, overnight. About this time I suddenly had heart pvc's & Pac's. Hospital was saying it was anxiety, so I had another Hospital decide to keep me and luckily I had a small episode of V-tac occur. I was never so happy, FINALLY.  Or so I thought. I had every test you can imagine and finally my cardio sent me to an Electrophysiologist. All my tests were benign and I was told to deal with it.  Yea so flash forward 5yrs. I have been in the ER NUMEROUS times as I'd have pvc's all day at some points. I had severe anxiety and finally started doing my own research.
This is when I realized my stomach and Vagus Nerve were the culprit! If I stay away from spicy, carbs and sugars I am good to go. I still get them here n there from standing up, but other than that I have a new outlook on life. I did bring it up to the Electro and he said I could be correct and to get with my Gastro to see what they could do. However I moved to a different state and never got to them.
Has anyone else self diagnosed themselves with the Vagus Nerve being the culprit? I'm trying to do some research and figure out what foods are bad to eat and which are ok. Or is everyone different? I wish there was more information on this and I wish more Dr's took this seriously!

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You may have gastrocardiac syndrome. Simply losing weight helped me. Patients with GERD sometimes complain of arrhythmias, likely triggered via the vagus nerve. If you have GERD/reflux then avoiding trigger foods for GERD may help. I've noticed that fasting, especially skipping dinner, has helped a lot. But your situation could be different. Good luck to you!
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