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Differences in your SVTs?

I seem to be having two kinds of SVT. One where my heart rate is really high and my heart beat is really strong, pounding. The other is when my heart is beating quickly, I have a high pulse rate, but it seems to be beating more quietly. All of my SVT seems to occur when I am either resting/relaxing or sleeping. All of these SVT start and end on their own. Anyone else notice anything similar?
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I can't respond in direct response to your question, but seeing your post go unanswered, I offer the following.

I have seen many posts on tachycardia that to my memory sound a lot like what you are describing.  

I assume you have been examined by a doctor and have a medical diagnosis of what you are feeling.  

My recollection again is that what you are feeling is not threatening if the HR isn't too high and the duration is short.  I don't have firm numbers, but I'd estimate a HR over 200 is a concern even if short term (minutes), and a HR over 130 is a concern if permanent.  I'm talking resting HR here.
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