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Dilated Inferior Vena Cava

I just had an echo done on my heart for a mild heart murmur. The result says "The inferior vena cava was abnormal in this study. The IVC is dilated, with respiratory size variation less than 50%."
I'm a 41 year old female. Very active in cardio exercise. I'm thinking about having a baby in near future. Will it be ok to get pregnant when my IVC is dilated with increased blood flow that comes with pregnancy? Here is my full report.
Height: 170.18 cm Weight: 59.69 kg BSA: 1.72 m2 BP 98/58
Resting EKG showed sinus bradycardia at a rate of 52 beats per minute.
M-Mode/2D Measurements and Calculations
IVSd: 0.74 cm LVIDd: 4.84 cm AOd: 2.50 cm EF: 65%.
LVPWd: 0.75 cm LVIDs: 3.04 cm LAs: 3.30 cm FS: 37.2 %

Left Ventricle
The left ventricular chamber size is normal. There is normal left ventricular wall thickness. Left ventricular systolic function is normal. Left ventricular ejection fraction is estimated to be 65 to 70%. LV basal fractional shortening is normal, as measured by 2D.
Left Atrium
The left atrium is normal. The interatrial septum is normal without evidence of shunt or aneurysm.
Right Atrium
The right atrium is normal.
Right Ventricle
The right ventricular size is normal. Global right ventricular systolic function is normal.
Aortic Valve
The aortic valve is tricuspid.
Mitral Valve
The mitral valve appears normal. Calculated valve area by pressure half time is 3.3 cm2. Mitral valve pressure half time is 67 msec.
Trace mitral valve regurgitation.
Tricuspid Valve
The tricuspid valve appears normal. Trace tricuspid regurgitation is present. RVSP is calculated to be 22.7 mmHg plus right atrial pressure.
Pulmonic Valve
The pulmonic valve is normal.
No pericardial effusion is seen.
The aortic root size is normal, measuring 2.50 cm.
Pulmonary Artery
The pulmonary artery is of normal size and origin.
The inferior vena cava was abnormal in this study. The IVC is dilated, with respiratory size variation less than 50%.
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