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Dizziness, fatigue and low heart rate after coffee

I'm a 32 year old female. My normal heart rate is between 55-65 bpm at rest. I have had these episodes, usually about an hour after drinking my morning coffee, where I will suddenly become extremely sleepy, lightheaded, and weak. I've noticed during these episodes my heart rate seems to drop, this morning it dropped to 43bpm, but I have seen it go as low as 38. I usually lay down and feel better after about an hour. When I feel better my heart rate goes back into the high 50s. After the episodes are over, I feel fine the rest of the day. This has been happening for a few years, and seems to be worst when I am heavily dieting. Could this be a reaction from the coffee, or something else?
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It is important that you find out what's going on when this happens.

I would recommend that you visit your GP, drink a cup of coffee or two, and get an EKG and blood pressure registered while you are having the symptoms.

Only by doing so, you can find out what this is (and isn't).

Of course, until you know for sure what this is, I would stay away from coffee if I were you.
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