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I am 69yrs old,mechanical valves for aortic and mitral,CABGx2,Medtronics Adapta ADRS-01 for SSS,Brady-Tachy cardia,AF,Sinus passes more than 2.5secs.Still I get dizziness twice/month while morning walk only with burps.I am on warfarin,metoprolol,dipyradmole plus statin and Omega-3.
Is it usual to get dizziness or light head with all the care given?Does any other member experience these?The symptoms are for 2minutes and I continue walking again.
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Beta Blockers (Metoprolol) can cause some low BP and HR and contribute to dizziness.  What dose are you on?  I find if I take my maximum, 200 mg a day, lowers my physical strength .. but seldom any dizziness as I've been on this BB for a couple of years and my body has adjusted somewhat and lowered the side effects.  It also seems that the intended effects/controls are also diminishing, too bad as that means a higher does or new med may be in my future.
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I am on 25mg/day Metoprolol.My PM low range is set at 70bpm HR.Even before BB I was with calcium channel blockers for BP, dizzy spells.Then PM was installed, switched to BB but the spells were more frequent.Thanks for reply
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I'd consider 25 mg of BB a low dose, but that may depend on the person's physical size.  I am a large male, so I may be able to tolerate a larger dose.

I didn't know form your original post you have a Pace Maker (I assume that is what you refer to with the "PM").  That is an extra factor and perhaps someone who uses a PM will now add to your inputs.

Good luck, and keep walking it should be for the best.
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Thanks.Since dizziness appears common with  irregular heart beats,I start ignoring that.I continue walking one hr in morning and 1/2 hr in evening.
Wish You Good Health.  
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