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Do Beta Blockers cause more pvc's

I'm starting to think that the increase of my pvc's literally from 10 a day to 300 could be the beta blockers I'm on, as anyone every heard of this happening?  If so why?
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I've had the same experience.  Others have reported this too.

First, using Beta Blockers for PVCs is an off-label use.  The reason I think doctors have gotten into the habit of trying them is because they reduce the contractive force of the heart.  This is supposed to lessen one's awareness of them.

However I think Beta Blockers create an environment that favors more PVCs.

PVCs are caused by ventricular pacers which are the heart's backup in case the ventricles do not receive a normal impulse to contract.  If they trigger when they are required it's called an "escape beat".  If they trigger inappropriately they're called premature ventricular contractions or ectopic beats.  Escape beats can be triggered by a lenghtened time between normal beats, low oxygen levels, etc..

Knowing this, it follows that beta blockers create an environment favorable to ectopics because they slow the heart down.  They also might create "rebound" efffects when the med is on its way out of your system, as cells that have had andreneline blocked for a while are now exposed to it.

Just my humble opinion, there are no clinical trials or studies on the use of beta blockers to treat benign PVCs that I can find.

Beta blockers also slows down your pulse. I could play vigorous table tennis for an hour or longer and still have a pulse of under 85 ppm and then return to ~ 60 bpm within 20 minutes after sweating profusely.
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I've heard they can both increase and decrease PVCs.

On my beta blockers (which I've never used) the indications are: Hypertension, Angina Pectoris, Supraventricular Arrhythmias, migraines and PVCs (I'm sure they can decrease/increase PACs too but this is rarely treated with medications).

Beta blockers decrease the hearts reactions on adrenaline, and we know adrenaline can cause PVCs, but in my opinion, I get most ectopic beats when my heart rate is low. Beta blockers decrease your heart rate and I assume this can cause more ectopics.

I agree with the rebound effect mentioned above.

I can't use beta blockers (according to my GP) due to nocturnal bradycardia (38-40 BPM). My cardiologist disagree, saying I can use beta blockers, this bradycardia is normal, but there is no need to.

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I never had PVCs until I took Atenolol, a beta blocker, ten years ago for blood pressure. Within several months I was getting PVCs so intensely I thought I was having a heart attack. The cardiologist that prescribed the Atenolol said he did not know what could be causing the arrythmia. When I looked it up myself, it said quite clearly that as a known side effect it can cause arrythmias. I stopped taking the Atenolol right away, but by that time the PVCs were so severe that I was even judged to not be a candidate for catheter ablation because the source of the malfunction was so multi-source.  Now ten years later the PVCs are so severe that my heart can stop for as many as 3 or 4 beats and then suddenly let go with a high pressure blast. I now have an occluded retina and cannot take any blood pressure meds because it makes the PVCs worse. So it seems the PVCs will be the death of me unless I can get some means of eliminating or reducing them. I had hoped that stem cell therapy might arrive in time to help, but due to political controversy on the subject the progress in that has been put off at least a decade.
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As several here have noted, beta blockers slow the heart rate, and in doing so, may make it more possible for autonomous heart cells to trigger ectopic beats.  But in reading about side effects, I have never read anything indicating that Atenolol 'causes' PVCs, and there is no indication whatsoever in the standard literature that this drug could be responsible for causing *multifocal* or multi-source PVCs.

But uncontrolled hypertension is separate, important factor to consider regarding PVCs, and here is a interesting link:


Regarding hypertension, there are many, many meds other than beta blockers which can be used.
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I noticed a tremendous improvement in my PVC's when I started a beta blocker.  I resisted for a long time, and was actually put on it for my AVNRT, but I immediately noticed a drastic reduction in my PVC's, and mine were always at rest, so go figure!!  I guess I am an exception!  I don't think I would have gone on the beta blocker just for my PVC's though, but it was a bonus effect.  I have had my AVNRT ablated, but I am still on my Bisoprolol (beta blocker), not quite willing to give it up yet.  Anyway, this was just my experience, and I realize it kind of bucks the trend.  My resting heart rate is about 60-70 (when not having bouts of IST) off beta blockers and 54 on. I think everyone is different when it comes to medications, I trust my doctors, and I trust my ability to figure out what works for me, not necessarily the same as what works for most!  I would rather not be on anything, that is for sure!!  
I wish they could figure out something that would work for everyone, it is very frustrating, that is for sure.

All the best to everyone!
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SOME beta blockers MAY be risky.  To label all of them as such serves only to frighten those who are on them.  I've taken Metoprolol for 5 years and continue to do so even after my recent catheter ablation. My dosage has ranged from 25 to 200mg daily.  I'm presently taking 50mg daily.  It was fantastic in reducing the number of PVCs prior to ablation, and made SVT conversion much easier than befiore I was on it.  Additionally, it has lowered my blood pressure, and my cardiologist says it helps greatly in heart attack survival should one occur.  Working closely with your physician, you made to experiment with different type and dosages to find the one that works for you.
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Well said,  I would not have resisted trying them for so long where it not for all the sweeping negative comments about them, and they really did improve my life, and that is what it is all about!  I have now been on Bisoprolol for 2 years..I tried Metoprolol first, but for me, I had too many side effects, I really have none on the Bisoprolol, so as you said, it is just a question of finding the right medication and the right dose.  I am glad I did.
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Hi there..I just literally started my dosage of Bisoprolol today and was wondering if it will really help my AVNRT, palps and attacks of racing heart.  My symptoms are a direct result of an adrenaline rush...and this med is supposed to help.  Did this med take away all of your symptoms? Have you ever considered the ablation? Did you experience any side affects? What dosage do you take?
Im on bisoprolol 1.25, i take one quarter a tablet in the morning and evening, it has made a huge difference in the pvcs and well being in general. id start with a very small dose and see if it helps , if not up it a bit til symptoms ease :)
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Well, I'm going back for another holter because the pvcs are worse. I don't understand what the heck is going on. Can I ever get back to normal again. I feel so depressed.
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so sorry your going threw this. what does worse mean.
mine are better today but a few days ago wow they knocked me off my feet again, what happen to the now and than ones, a few here and there

no mine come and stay for hours on hours and are every other beat to every 4th beat, lasting 7 hours sat night and for no reason, went dr did a ekg said good just pacs you be ok lol

makes me feel better

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and try not to get Depressed it only makes worse, I know easy said but I to just went threw that and it caused my anxiety to act up and then I felt worse. praying for you
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Premature heart contractions , PVC's  have a cause . I believe the beta blocker might be a help but it is not a cure it is a mask if a MD cannot figure out the cause then I just move in a few months. It seems to me in life there are times when we must become our own doctors and own troubleshooters the MD is not going to be able to he is not trained to do this so we must invest time in our healing or hire a good MD that has a nautropathic background or a really good Chinese Med doctor here are some ideas to consider  .... Get your teeth checked for hidden infections if nothing shows up then begin to daily get some  warm to a little on the  hotter side as hot as you can stand add  salt water in hold in your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes  if there infection it will come to surface from the heat.  Do oil pulling this will show you if the mouth has an infection . Read the root canal cover up To all females with implants well I would have them removed if I was getting PVC just google it and read the information. Get your house checked for carbon monoxide, gas leak and check for mold. spores . Put your plants on the deck for while . Get to an ND an alternative medicine  doctor and get your blood work  done  by them they are more exact in the translation of blood tests and  will help you  Stop all wheat, and gluten food stop all sugar, all dairy and caffeine. Stop supplement for awhile  especially vitamin  B which can cause the heart to flip out  Make sure it isn't related to stomach acid so drink half teaspoon of baking soda in water three times a day, take HCL to see if you don't have enough stomach acid  this is also telling since as we get older stomach acid decreases , and  lay down good flora by taking a good probiotics I take floraster and a raw food probiotic I also take black strap molasses because it helps the heart with magnesuim. Do you have a virus such as Epstein Barr , herpes etc this can cause heart palpitations. Do  a safe gentle long parasite cleanse I do food grade Diamatemous Earth I read a case where some is so ill for years finally the ND put them on  SIX month parasite medicine well this is gross but they past a nest of parasites. This person had traveled all over the world seeing the best doctor trying to figure out the cause of her shortness of breath nausea and heart  issue well the parasite are hiding in the upper colon and stool test is not going to show they are in your body hiding so this is seriously something to consider The new illness is EMS we are humans with energetic body and we respond to cell phones, lab tops, smart meters microwaves ,interfere with  electrical current of the heart use a corded phone like our parent did used a land line for your computer no WIFI unplug the microwave have smart meter taken off of your house . Keep a diary and write down every thing also if your showering in fluoridated water some people are allergic to fluoride. Also eat less and take fiber because gas pressure build up effects the heart and cause PVC there are cases of this  Last tip is have them check electrolytes, thyroid and hormones . See I believe in cause and effect there is always an underlying reason but what is the reason .....we must investigate .Also get your sinuses looked at do you have sinus infection or ear infection but do not know it ...insist on nasal smear to see if the sinus are inflammed or ear infections which causes heart palpitations
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