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Do Certain Foods Trigger PVC's?


I am new to this forum and new to PVCs.  I began having them in April (5 months post partum).  I have seen 2 cardiologists and had all of the tests run--all "nomal" results.  I am a very anxious person and HATE to feel the skipped beats so I have been taking Propanolol (and I know the anxiety only makes them worse).  I would like to be "med free" so I am working on finding out my triggers.
I have cut out caffeine, alcohol, etc. and I am also trying to see if there are any foods that may trigger them.  My doctor said that sometimes peppers can cause them???  I ate something with jalepenos last night and I definitely noticed an increase.
Do you all have any other foods or food groups that you avoid?  Also, any books or web sites where I might find more information on preventing these?  I need all of the help I can get.  
Thank you so much--this web site has been so beneficial to me!  :)
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How is the ablation working out for you? Did you have a fib ablation?
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Please look into Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). It is a very unheard of nervous system disorder that prevents the body from being able to properly adjust to the pull of gravity. Therefore, symptoms arise, such as: rapid heart rate upon standing, low or high blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, sweating, headaches, shortness of breath, inability to exercise, digestion problems, etc. The symptoms are endless and vary person to person day to day. PVCs and lots of triggers are also involved.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
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Since you are 5 months post partum, have you thought about a possible hormone connection to your PVCs?  I started getting PVCs after the birth of my baby, and they get particularly  
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Since you are 5 months post partum, have you thought about a possible hormonal connection to your PVCs?  I started getting PVCs after the birth of my baby, and now they get particularly bad around ovulation and my period.  I'm seeing a gynecologist next week to discuss this issue.  I've had every heart test out there and my heart has been deemed healthy.  I feel like there is a root cause, and I think hormones are the culprit.   Something to consider.........
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Interesting to learn that water stops your irregular heart beats.same here I have found that drinking copious amounts of water stops the thumping and banging...
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Just found this site. I am comforted to know I am not going crazy at least! I have had PVCs - 3 trips to the ER in the past month. I have had this twice in the the past and ended up with very low potassium and had to have IV potassium for it. Now on two megadoses of potassium per day. It seems if my potassium drops to 3.4 (3.5 is normal) I get them but I have also had them with potassium levels of 4.0. Had echostress test with no problems. Doc upped my BP meds but no change. Could it be hormonal?
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I've noticed that mine are much worse when I'm dehydrated or have been drinking juices or sodas instead of water.
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I've noticed that mine are much worse when I'm dehydrated or have been drinking juices or sodas instead of water.
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I stopped all caffeine in October but it seems like they have gotten worse. I am only drinking water. Boring and not helping. Every time I sit down or lay down they are even more noticeable. My doc is taking me off hormones, change of life at a month shy of 60, although I had a hysterectomy at age 26. The PVCs or whatever they are have been driving me crazy!! Any other ideas?
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Going gluten free cleared up my life long frequent pvcs!  Also have to eliminate other cross reactive foods, at least for a while, ie coffee, dairy.
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This thread is inspiring. I am new to this forum and new to PVCs. I am 29 years old, male. Non drinker, non smoker. My PVCs started one week ago and just did all the checks today. My heart is structually normal and everything is fine including blood pressure.

Yet, my PVCs under 24 hours holter is about 750. I know it's not harmful as of now but same as everyone the feeling is disturbing. I believe the count will be higher if I go to work. (I am in finance industry).

Anxiety certainly makes this worse. But I am determined to fight this PVCs. My doc gave me 12.5mg Betaloc ZOK on daily basis and it seems not helping too much.

So I hope to change my living style to stop PVCs. From the above I learnt that even a small change can help. It seems to me there are loads of things different people may be responsive to but I am trying to summarise major components below:

- More potassium
- More magnesium
- More water
- avoid alochol
- avoid Caffeine
- avoid too much sugar
- avoid grains / Gluten

I will start changing my diet and see when I can kick away the PVCs, Will keep this thread going since 2007 by ARHMOM. And please forgive me english. Obviously you can tell I am not an english native speaker from my nickname. Thanks.
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My palpitations started 4 months post partum and I too am very anxious! I am terrified of these! Did they catch yours on a monitor? My acid reflu cause more palps and for them to feel stronger also.
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My own odyssey and analysis ----

I am nearly 60 and started having PVCs that were noticeable or frequent about 6 years ago.  What I want to add to this long list of comments is the observation, perhaps painfully obvious, that the triggers may be different for everyone, but the "process" has to be pretty similar for us all, because we are all built pretty much the same.  What I mean here is that we all have cells on the surface of the heart that initiate the premature beat -- a signal has to get to these cells somehow.  How?  Physical contact is one way, nerve signal is another, chemistry (i.e. blood levels of x, y, or z) might be a third.  In my case, I think the problem is physical contact of the heart with an irritated esophagus and/or a bloated stomach.  From what I've studied about the vagus nerve, I am not sure I can make a case for nerve signals triggering PVCs -- vagus stimulation is said to slow down, not speed up, heart rate.  And the pathways of the vagus among the heart and other organs -- it's hard to say whether it's even possible for signals to travel that way (think of a network of one-way streets).  So I can't rule out the vagus, but it's hard for me to make a case for it.  Regarding chemistry, the body is pretty good at regulating the levels of the ions and chemicals it needs (via liver and kidneys)... I think for most people who have a reasonable balanced diet, don't overdo any food or drink, and don't have an organ problem, their chemistry is probably pretty close to balance. (Which probably explains why everyone, like me, gets back lab results that say "everything is normal".)

What I wanted to share here is how frustrating it can be to "pick apart" all the factors and figure out what could be a contributing factor and what is not, especially when the trigger is complex.  For instance, in my case I have decided that my PVCs can come from air-in-the-stomach that presses on the diaphragm that contacts the heart... OR from LES spams that cause my esophagus to quiver, and the esophagus travels next to my heart... OR from sitting or lying in such a way that doesn't give my heart its usual space.  Where does air in the stomach come from?  Excessive swallowing.  Why do I do that?  Apparently GERD makes people swallow more.  Why do I have GERD?  Probably too much alcohol. (I have since cut out all carbonated and citrus drinks).  See where this goes?  

My doctor a while back had prescribed beta blockers to decrease my tendency to have lengthy PVC episodes.  Well, it didn't work, I eventually had another episode.  That's when my cardio doctor told me that beta blockers have not been scientifically shown to help arhythmias like PVCs.  In fact, he said that by slowing down the heart rate, it can actually make people more sensitive to a premature beat.  And I found out that beta blockers are suspected of lowering LES tone.  So -- something that one doctor prescribed to help me, actually turned out to be counterproductive, ONCE YOU KNOW WHAT THE MECHANISM IS.

My advice is to think about this as an engineer does -- think about what is going on physically and/or electrically and/or chemically to make this happen, and then do something to fix the source of the problem.  It seems so often that we are treated like cars, and we get into this cycle with our doctors of "trying things and see what works."  That's OK if you have infinite patience.  I liked the idea expressed earlier about keeping a diary.  That will definitely help you approach this in a logical scientific way.

What do *I* need to do?  (1) Lose weight.  My belly fat (about 25 lbs overweight) must create less space than my organs need down there.  Which makes me more sensitive to bloating.  And the crowding may also make my LES work harder than it is able to.  (2) Stop the GERD.  Whatever it takes. Until I lose the weight, that's Prilosec and/or simethicone and/or Gaviscon.  I just have to keep pulling out the bigger guns until I have it under control.  (3) I have stopped the beta blocker but now I need a new BP medicine to augment my main one.  -- Maybe some weight loss would help!

If I do all these things, I will probably have fewer PVCs, based on my experience.  What I really want to avoid are the extended (15-30-45 minute) episodes of 3-5 PVCs in every 10-15 beats... that's happened to me 3 times now and I hate that, though I'm obviously not dead yet.

So thank you all for writing, and good luck to you.
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One last thing -- the reason I don't think it is "chemistry" for me at least is that I have often been able to do things (like burp, shift positions, take Gas-X) that *instantly* relieve or change the rate of the PVCs.  If it were just body chemistry causing my PVCs, I would not be able to make instantaneous changes.  When you are talking about blood levels of ions, protiens, etc. it takes hours and hours to reduce/restore those levels to equilibrium by action of the liver/kidneys.  So, in your case, if you are able to get relatively "instant-relief" by a certain means, then maybe body chemistry is not your problem.
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I ran a 24 hours holter so they catched all my PVCs and its 750 a day. I think i got more during work.

I am just back from a business trip and I found that I have more PVCs while I was walking around. On the flight it doesnt affect too much though.

Since my first PVC from last week I have cut down alochol and cokes...but seems doesnt help too much. Last nite was a very peacful night of which I think I got like at most 10 pvc an hour but today it's bad again. Back to like 8- per hour. Seems I still have a long way to find my triggers.

Anyway, I have bought supplements for potassium and magnesium as well as CO-CQ10 of which people in this forum mentioned its useful in some cases. I will update here after taking them later....good luck to you Kelly.
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Interesting. So your case is not related to Chemisty Creative60? Did you mention your findings about gas in your stomach to the doctor? I think I might have similar issue coz I eat very fast.

In fact, I have lost quite a lot of weight in the past 2 years. I was at 200 pounds and now down to 165. I am thinking if too much weight loss with trigger PVC but I doubt it.

I do feel certain positions will ease my PVCs but I can't tell if that relates to my diaphragm. Instead, I feel my PVC shoots up when I walk fast (maybe just my heart beats faster and PVC more). Also, through the 24 monitor I can see my PVC happens mainly in daytime. It can be 80 per hour but when I sleep it drops to below 10 per hour.

So I am thinking body imblance is not an issue to me too but anyway I will try the supplements tonight.

Last but not least, I took a 3 hours flight both yesterday and today. PVC frequency didnt change much so all we PVCers please feel free to travel.

I will keep this thread going until I find my triggering factors and share with everyone!
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Creative60, I found out PVC actually slows down alot when I lie down with my upper body elevated. Is this related to GERD?

But for Prilosec, I read something in another forum that prolonged using in this pill may delpete magnesium and caused PVC. One member there mentioned stop taking Prilosec for 2 weeks and completely cured his PVC.

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Just back from hospital after a body check. I have acid reflux due to lax OG junction. Potassium level is ok. So I guess my PVC is mainly due to the stomach as it happens more often after eating. I am given Pantoloc but I wanna switch to Zantac as PPI will drive PVC as well...
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Great day today. I feel my PVC are getting less frequent and it seems the magnitude are less strong compared to the past. Actually the change happened yesterday.

So far I have made the below changes since the first PVC 2 weeks ago:

- magnesium supplement daily
- Co-Q10 supplement daily
- all round vitamins/minerals supplement from Centurium daily
- cut carb
- cut cokes
- cut coffee
- cut alcohol
- discovered acid reflux and taking Pantoloc daily
- banana daily
- changed from drinking distilled water to mineral water

I can feel that I am improving!!!
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I have noticed there are times in my life when the PVCs are more frequent.  There was a spell when I had a lot of diet sodas and those seemed to bring them on.  I don't have a problem with coffee, so I think it is the artificial sweeteners in the soda.  I also believe that there could be an allergy factor to it, because I used to have a really bad problem with allergies and sinus troubles, and it seems my SVT happened more frequently then, and I couldn't hardly take anything for allergies because even the meds seemed to trigger it.  Finally I had surgery to alleviate the swelling in my nose and sinus cavities, everything drained out, and I found a medicine that worked for me.  Everything settled down.  

Now I am on a different birth control because the one I was on before was making my appetite rage out of control.  The BC I'm on now seems to be causing heartburn, which is a trigger for me.  It seems if I eat ANYTHING I get heartburn.

I'm also noticing that for me any time I have had a particularly bothersome episode of SVT, it tends to be when I'm either stressed, excited, exerted, along with a quick change in position, like bending down quickly, or bouncing up and down.  My first episode happened while I was just laying in bed as a teenager.  I was too scared to even get up and move... I thought I was dying.  Then a year or two later I was cleaning my fish tank and going up and down the stairs to get supplies for that, then bent over to pet my cat and boom.  Had an episode that lasted for hours and went to the ER.  During those days a small town ER didn't really do anything for it but monitor me.

Other times that it happened:  At the beach while jumping up and down in the waves, talking on the phone with a friend and bending over to pick something up, at the grocery store when I was tired and dehydrated, after cross country skiing, getting into bed (bending over to lay down), and the latest time was when I was just laying and I quickly flipped over onto my left side to show my husband something on my tablet.  That was the episode that landed me in the ER.  Now that sounds like a lot of times, but I've been getting these things for over 15 years now and I'd say they happen maybe once or twice a year on a bad year.  Sometimes I've gone a couple of years without having them at all.

Personally I think I do pretty well with not having PVCs if I am exercising a lot and eating healthy.  I am admittedly not in the best shape lately.  I have gained about 25 lbs from my ideal body weight so there is more pressure on my stomach, gas, heartburn, etc.  I recently started working out again, doing the 30 day shred.  I occasionally get a PVC or two while doing the cardio portions of that, but those are decreasing the more I do the workout.

Oh and I also find that I have more PVCs when I'm actually coming down off of coffee, not while the caffiene is still in me.  I find that they become more bothersome if my heart rate is slow, not fast.  I feel like I'm almost more prone to an episode of SVT if my heart rate is really slow when I get a flutter.
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Thanks for sharing Cvan. Luckily my PVCs have improved greatly in the past few days. It only lasted like 2 weeks to me so I considered myself the lucky one.

Yes these irregular heartbeats are really annoying. I hope you can kick them away forever too!
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For me the triggers are primarily

heavy meal
acid reflux
high carbs

Dealing with all the above has been challenging, but has really helped!Sometimes, I just have no clue!!!
Good luck-it's not east
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breathing (i dont think) has been mentioned. .Normal is 1 breath every 5 seconds.  if you feel tingly or cant seem to slow down your breathing youcan rebalance your co2/oxygen in your blood with a paper bag.  hold a sandwich bg over your nose and mouth snug and breathe for 5 minutes (only)  and dont do it again.  try to keeep track of your breathing and kep it low and slow.  realize that you're OK and that this happens to others.

Also try sitting and "pressuring yourself" like you would if you were straining on the toilet.  

I do sit-ups and crunches and deep knee bends and it gets my heart in a normal rhythm - sometimes I'm fine and others -after a few minutes of lying down- they kick back up.  It is the thinking aspect but I've noticed when I get real groggy they kick in- I should try geting to sleep BEFORE getting the pvcs.  I'm going to see if benadryl (not sudafed) will be OK to use as it puts me to sleep..

Also- sounds like gatorade and vitamins - regularly- can help the mineral issue.  I'm going to get on this as the pvcs have come back in spades lately-  a constant rolling tumbls that doesnt quit for several hours.  had it checked out - pvcs.  

Good luck and remember the breathing "overbreathing" imbalances your blood ph and causes all sorts of problems.  look up "hypocapnia" to get handle ofn this.  over breathin is hyperventilating just not so obvious.

Also- say "no"  to yourself if you feel like you're going to think things that set them off.  You cannot "not "think about something, you have to think about something else.  It's like "don't picture an apple"  the mind cannot focus on the opposite of an idea.  "don't miss"  all your mind can think about is missing.

Also, quit your bad habits.  some things we do are self inflicted anxiety.

Attack your bills or things that bother you- be proactive to rid yourself ot the worrisome things.
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I have had PVC's for over 25 years and I wish this forum was around back then.  I have gone through the tests, emergency room visits, and fear that most of you are expressing.  Stress and lack of sleep have always been triggers but I had not considered diet until recently.  I now believe salt is a trigger for me.  I try to avoid salty foods but if I eat too much I drink lots of water.

Things that have helped me are biofeedback, tai chi and yoga.  I have been practicing yoga for 5 years and will never give it up.  It helps you focus on breathing and movement.  Certain practices have breathing exercises which help keep you calm and focused.  This is very helpful for anxiety and panic disorders, even if the anxiety is only over the PVC's.  As with anything else the more you practice, the better you get, and the more benefits you will receive from your practice.
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I got them from eating Domino's Pizza one night.  which I thought was so stupid because I had just had Pasquale's Pizza the night before.  I also can't eat raw spinach, they cause mine bad!!!
Goohttp://www.medhelp.org/posts/new/287426#d luck!
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It's definitely the food additive Sulphur Dioxide that causes my PVC's and if it wasn't for this thread I'd have never known. It's also spot on that
Cardiologists are not interested in investigating food allergies in relation to the cause of cardiac arrhythmia's. Sulphur Dioxide is found in a wide range of  processed foods so it's a good idea  to check every food label for additives. The highest levels are found in lemon/ lime cordials, dried fruits, wine and condiments. Basically I now  avoid everything containing listed ingredients in the range 220-228, and this seems to work for me. The caffeine in coffee and chocolate do not have an effect on my cardiac rhythm and I have also found certain white wines that are fine also.
Good luck everyone.    
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Yes, pizza dough contains sulphur dioxide, particularly the highly processed chain store pizza as you mentioned.  I stopped eating processed pizza a while ago as I noticed severe arrhythmia start almost immediately after eating them.
Try restaurants that use fresh ingredients.
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I have been experiencing pvc's for the past few years and thought nothing about it until I started doing some research on this issue. I first discovered that pvc's are caused around the holidays or when celebrating and drinking alcohol called 'Holiday Heart' not to mention holiday's, stress, family, & anxiety during those times that would trigger the pvc's. After I brought it up with my physician and he ran an ECG & metabolic panel on me, it was determined that I definitely had low potassium and that eating a banana wasn't going to solve the issue. I now take a daily prescription potassium pill and it has helped control the pvc's. Unfortunately, I have absolutely concluded that sulphur dioxide, sulfates, & alcohol are the causes of pvc's with me. Four months ago, I stopped eating foods with refined sugars, white breads & pastas, processed foods, fast (fat) foods, & fried foods and dropped 20 pounds in 3 months. Even with the lifestyle change, I have had my share of cocktails and certain cheeses (which contain sulphar dioxide) and have had pvc's. The bottom line is that I stay away from alcohol and avoid cheese as much as possible and the pvc's have gone away. Eating a bananas regularly regulates the electrical impulses in the heart as well. Best of luck fellow pvc'ers.
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You might want to research GMO free food.  Your sensitivity could be to the Genetically Modified corn, soy bean and wheat seed  used for growing grains for foods. Many other countries ban GMOs for health reasons, but the USA does not even label what products they are in, and considers them equal to regular grain seeds. Target carries a section for food products grown without GMO seeds I have heard. That might help you.
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I've had PVC's, PAC's for the past couple of years and sometimes I get short runs of PVCs or PACs. Gas tends to trigger my palpitations, so any food that makes me gassy can trigger them. Also, certain types of cheese also seem to (mainly hard or semi-hard cheese) give me palpitations, so no more pizza or mac & cheese for me :(. I tried eating GMO-free, gluten-free mac & cheese but I still got them :(. I suspect that moderate quantities of corn can trigger my palpitations too.

My magnesium level is borderline low and several doctors have told me to try taking magnesium supplements. I recently started taking magnesium citrate 200mg and I really hope it makes these annoying heart palpitations go away and never come back!
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I have a story to tell and really need everyone with pvcs to read it.
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    I hope someone will read this and someone will try this after I spend an hour typing my story. Here goes...Ten years ago I began weight lifting and eight years ago I began having pvcs. It scared me to death. I was a smoker and had never had any health problems up until this happened to me. I went to the cardiologist and was put through stress tests and wore a monitor. My blood pressure was fine and my ekg was perfect. The dr. put me on 25mgs of Toprol. This almost stopped them so I figured I was going to be ok. One year went by and they got worse. So the dr put me on 50 mgs of Toprol. Eight months went by and they still got worse. I decided to quit smoking. It took me eleven months but I did it. Well low and behold the pvcs stopped. Nineteen months later I got a blood test done and my cholesterol was a little high. So I decided to eat healthy. Well I dropped my morning coffee, sodas and sweet tea and added two apples, a banana, orange juice and grape juice in place of the others. Well within thirty days my pvcs went crazy, worse than before. So back to the dr. I went. He put me back on the meds again and had no explanation. Blood pressure fine and ekg perfect. About eighteen months went by and they got worse and worse. Some times up to 400 a day. Very depressing..So I figured if I was never going to get rid of this I was at least going to be in great shape. I went and bought some Whey protein and made me a drink. Two hours later the pvcs stopped. Wow I was thinking is that all it was that I needed protein. Well after thirty days they came back again. So I drank more protein and added more bananas and even a little magnesium. That helped but they continued to get worse. So I researched what whey protein was made up of and of course it was all kinds of amino acids. So by some dumb luck I tried l-arginine and it worked great but didn't completely stop the pvcs and within a month they worse again. So I researched what does l-arginine do for you. It enters the body and turns into nitric oxide in the bloodstream. Nitric oxide is essential for a good cardiovascular system. So I researched what depletes nitric oxide and the answer was uric acid. So I researched what creates uric acid in the bloodstream and the answer was fructose and sugar. Well immediately I quit all fruit and within thirty days the pvcs went down to one or two a day then stopped after two months. Well I figured problem solved. So I started back the sweet tea, sodas and two cups of coffee and ice cream a day. I mean everyday and I also created a 8 pieces a day life saver habit. Well after two months a few of the pvcs came back and I ignored them pretty much knowing it was the sugar. Well after another year here they come again. I knew this time all sugar had to go. So I quit the sodas, sweet tea, life savers and the ice cream. That was four months ago and I am pvc free. I still drink coffee two cups in the am and one in the pm. No problems with this and I work out very hard three times a week with weights. So from all my research what I understand is that sugar turns into uric acid and this depletes nitric oxide and causes our cardiovascular system to go haywire. This makes sense and must be true, In America our biggest problems come from heart disease, cancer and diabetes. All of these problems stem from too much sugar. And yes more than one fruit a day is not good for you. Ask a diabetic! Good luck to all and drop the sugar and fruit for a month. I assure you  this will not kill you to give this up for a month. If it did I wouldn't be typing this story. It might just change your life just like it did mine! Remember this was free information and I didn't have to take time out of my day to type this. I did this because I know the fear pvcs create. Sleeplessness, anxiety etc..Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all and may god bless everyone! Drop me a comment and let me know how it goes. One last thing. I have a friend I played softball with. I didn't know it but after a conversation I found out he had the same problem. I told him what I did and after 42 years of pvcs, medications and numerous dr visits his are now gone. He had to give up the fruit and sugar just like I did. He is a very happy man now!
wow, that's very interesting. Thank you!
all these comments are great  hope to stop or cut down by taking these tips....BUT  I'm different with regards to PAC's.not only do I have them....I HEAR them....I have Tennitus and guess what I hear all day long....PAC's beats   Great Huh ?   also to boot, I've had 2 by-pass, 6 stints years ago   have Afib every so often, and daily PAC's     Anybody want to top this ???
Was watching Dr. Oz the other night, he said if we didn't intake sugar, you would never have a heart attack. Also try a scoop of whey protein a day. This also helps with pvc's. I have another friend I recommended this to and his pvc's and heart problems went away almost immediately. He said he had been battling heart problems for 20 years and worked out 5 days a week. He also was in great shape. He has been taking the Whey protein scoop for 7 months now and is doing great. He even said his cardiologist is baffled. He was having 2,000 pvc's a day. Now they're gone since he started taking the Whey and lowering his sugar intake. Good luck to all.
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which white wines are okay for you...I feel this is a trigger..I was drinking sav blancs from new zealand?
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Wow, good stuff and thank you for sharing. I had an ablation 5 days ago for SVT. The sugar makes so much sense. I know caffeine and chocolate (SUGAR) along with being dehydrated could set off a SVT. Thanks for taking the time to share. I am going to watch the fruit too....never thought of that.
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I don't know if you'll see this, but I wanted to write you in reply to your PVC post.  I've had them for almost 30 years.  The last couple of months I have days where they are much worse.  I've never had a doctor say that a narrow chest is a contributing factor.  I don't have a narrow chest but am long legged and short waisted.  Wonder if that can cause that same effect of it moving in the chest cavity.  I've never been on medicines.  Am finding lots of food items people have mentioned here may be contributing factors for me!  Glad your doc gave you a physical explanation for how PVCs work.  Many people don't understand that what they feel is not the extra (electrical)beat itself, but the next beat, which is trying to 'compensate' for the PVC putting out minimal or no blood with the electrical signal.  I'm an RN and you learn something everyday!
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I'm glad you found something that works! Unfortunately, it didn't work for me :(. I tried to cut sugar out of my diet and it helped a little at first,  but then I started getting a little lightheaded and the palpitations got worse (I think I had hypoglycemia or something and that my body simply can't function without sugar). Now I try to eat less sugar than usual, but I still get some sugar in my diet. It seems to help reduce the palpitations to some degree, but they're still there :(.
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That is so interesting about fruit sugar.  I have suffered from PVC's over the past year and I had identified my triggers as alcohol (a form of sugar), chocolate (caffeine and sugar), and sugar itself.  I hadn't really thought about the fact that even fruit sugar could trigger them.  

I had finally given up on being able to completely avoid the triggers and gone on beta blockers, which are helping a bit but I'm still having them continuously for the second part of the day.

I am intending to come off them when the PVC' s have stopped and just be very careful with my diet.  It's really useful to know that I need to go as far as avoiding all fruit sugar too, thanks for sharing.

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just curious, but do you still post DMAB? you and I are the same age I believe (57 yrs)! i read the forum from time to time just to keep sane! I've experienced tachycardia, pvc and pacs since i was 22. for years, Inderal helped me to lead a normal life (even though i stayed terrified most of the time)! and then around 2009 my body got use to the inderal (i think) and i was put on metoporal suc (50mg a day) and resumed a normal. now, at 57 i feel every beat when i'm out and about. i make frequent stops while in the mall sooo my heart will feel somewhat normal! and, forget eating while i'm out and about. if i do, i feel miserable!
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Dairy, sugar, corn, rice, potatoes, gluten, dehydration. Aged cheese is the worst. Breathing dust and especially mold is a huge trigger for me. Even the tinniest amount of mold hiding in the fridge will give me constant PVCs.

I also have "seb derm" and my PVC and seb derm triggers are the same, so I'm pretty convinced my PVCs are an immune/allergy response.
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This post is to audio guy AND to all that read and are willing to take time to reply.    I am a mother of a 26 year daughter who recently pulled the plug on taking a daily dose of Singulair (it was generic) after over a year.  It was used as a maintenance treatment for chronic allergies and sinus infections. Seemed to work ok, however in the 6 months there had been a couple times she rushed herself to the doctor for symptoms that no one even thought to suspect the allergy medication.  First there was numbing and tingling in her arms. Then there were muscle aches in the lower back. BUT 4 weeks ago she started having chest tightness, heart palpitations, insomnia and fearful thoughts which of course brought on extreme anxiety.  It was after 4 days of these repeated systems that she told me.  I asked about work and all the usual factors that lead most  to stress and anxiety.  WITHOUT CONSULTING HER DOCTOR she stopped taking her Singulair. This was Saturday. She insisted work and all was good.  The next day while she and I were out for what was suppose to be a relaxing Sunday afternoon, she had a severe panic attack.  She had consumed coffee an hour earlier and were now sitting
eating dinner. We each had maybe half a glass of wine. It was then that I realized something was really off as she is a happy free spirited young woman. She does have a tendency to be a little OCD at times but in manner that one would call normal and stubborn.    That day I decided to research the drug. My daughter had shared some startling findings with me. IMWAS SHOCKED TO READ EVEN ON THE GOVERNMENT WEB SITE ALL THE ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS  to this  DRUG.  ALL of the above mentioned
were there. This leads me to this posting.   It has been 3 weeks and she is still having some adverse side effects. They seem to come in waves.  

The chest tightness eased almost immediately. The fearful thoughts played out along with the anxiety for the first week. Then came insomnia. Last weekend the chest tightness returned followed with depression.  I have been helping with her diet and making sure she eats well.  She has juiced and done the Paleo diet before so eating well and cutting out sugar was just a natural response . Along with watching her diet we picked up L- Thianine (  which is basically green tea in a capsule).she took it for 3 days and then stopped. Decided to just try diet and vitamins .Also eliminated caffeine. She tried drinking her normal cups of coffee but even one gets her anxious and panic attack starts to set in. Also no chocolate. She started taking omega.  She has been taking a daily vitamin and probiotic for the past 2 years so adding on omega was easy. She works out several times a week and is good physical shape so she has tried to stay proactive in that area, but there have been days that the insomnia have barely made it possible to get through work.  I had picked up some phosphatidyl serine from our vitamin company last week and the omega and it seem to calm her mood somewhat.  Eating foods rich in amino acids help. Trying to eat balanced meals and snacking on pumpkin seeds , sunflower seeds, walnuts, apricots and cantaloupe along with some green juices are pretty much all she is eating. No junk food. Yes, and no alcohol.

Of course she wants to go out and get back to a normal life. It breaks my heart to watch.  It has been very scary.

I am hoping someone with a similar experience will reply. She is allergic to several antibiotics and we have known since she was 4 that she has sensitivities to fragrance and dyes  in soaps and environmental allergies but to date no food allergies.    

I was wondering about trying an over the counter antihistimine such as  Benydryl . She has taken it many times before without any side effects. Although she is afraid to try now .  Help..... Your thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

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hello rose! i was verrry happy to read your post because you mentioned you're 60ish and you've had pvcs for a long time! I am  (57 yrs) and  I've experienced tachycardia, pvc and pacs since i was 22. for years, Inderal helped me to lead a normal life (even though i stayed terrified most of the time)! and then around 2009 my body got use to the inderal (i think) and i was put on metoporal suc (50mg a day) and resumed a normal. now, at 57 i feel every beat when i'm out and about. i make frequent stops while in the mall sooo my heart will feel somewhat normal! and, forget eating while i'm out and about. if i do, i feel every beat! do you ever feel you're going to drop dead...lately that's how I feel!

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Food is extremely important part in healing heart palpations.There is much known, less known and unknown. Some of them pharmacy and food industry do not want us to know. Very hard topic...
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The same thing happens to me, I don't feel thirsty at all and have usually had a few glasses of water during the day anyway.  My PVCs have increased dramatically over the past few months to the point where I lie awake at night counting and recording them in case I don't make it through the night - I know they are benign as my heart is healthy (has tests) but it always feels like I may not wake up.  I also record how often they occur, it is often bigeminy and trigeminy with feelings of weakness and light-headedness.  My B/P is low so this may not help.  I will try the ice water as I am keen to at least reduce them.  Like you, I know they can be normal but when I have so many at once,I tend to over-worry. I don't drink coffee or tea, don't use sugar or sweeteners (apart form honey), don't drink alcohol and stick to as much unprocessed food as possible.  I do use Ventolin puffer several times a day for asthma which is unfortunate as I cannot reduce that.  I also use a Preventer daily.
I am 63 yrs old. and have had the occasional PVC for the past 40 years.
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I have read every one of the above stories and found them fascinating.  Here is my story.  I am 63 yrs old (female) and have had PVCs for 40 years.  Since December 2015, the incidence of PVCs has increased dramatically.  
I DO NOT use sugar or artificial sweeteners, coffee, tea, soy products. The only dairy I eat is feta 4 to 5 times a week (25 gms).  I eat mostly unprocessed foods.  
I Do use rice, Dandelion tea, rice milk, honey, pasta (very occasionally), blueberries, strawberries, most vegetables, dairy-free sugar-free water crackers - seems very boring but I do enjoy what food I do eat.
I DON'T drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.
I only use Panadol for relief of arthritic pain.
I have lost 18 kilos in the past 18 months on a low carb food intake and have kept a food diary for that time as well.  I still need to lose about 10 more kilos.
My blood pressure has always been great, my pulse averages 60, with resting pulse at 50.
So it seems like I am doing all the right things and keeping as fit as possible.  I walk 3 times a week and live under my daughter's house in a small Granny Flat, so walk up to the main house several times a day for extra exercise.
BUT I cannot work out what triggers my PVCs.  Last night I was having them every 6 beats - this measures up to the dreaded 20% of my total beats for the day so I need to find out what triggers them.  
I am presently looking at food preservatives so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Have you ever tried eliminating rice?  It is a big trigger for me.  I noticed it while living in Korea, were rice comes with most meals.
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About two months ago I started having massive PVC's; about every third or fourth beat.  I went to the doc and had my annual physical including treadmill test.  Resting heart rate was 32 bpm.  During EKG on treadmill doc noticed that PVC's disappeared when heart rate got up over 70 bpm (I take no medications at all).  PVC's stayed gone until rate got up to 140+ bpm and then came back intermittently.  Same thing on the way back down.  Doc said that in his experience PVC's usually emanate from something in your gut rather than in your heart.  He put me on Nexium and ordered me to drink Pepto Bismal, about five or so doses a day.  PVC's diminished significantly, to where I could even get a good night's sleep without being bothered by the banging in my chest (which I could also feel in my neck).

So everything was fine until two nights ago when I ate a "Choco-Taco" which is vanilla ice cream drenched in chocolate sauce inside a sugar cone folded to resemble a taco.  My heart lit up.  Hardly any sleep that night due to the wild heart beat.  It's taken two days to get the heart back to a more normal beat.  I don't know what was in the Choco-Taco that set it off, but I'm going to keep experimenting with those ingredients and see if something pops up.
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I have had VT for over 20 years.  Had an ablation but after a few months my irregular heartbeat returned but to a lesser degree.  Food plays a big part in my episodes eg MSG , sugar, caffeine etc.   I had chest pain a couple of weeks ago and my cardiologist thinks I had a minor heart attack, waiting to go for an angiogram.  Anyone else had this?
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Since June 5, I've been plagued with lots of PVCs. They're typically happening all day long, both while I'm awake and asleep (or trying to go to sleep). The typical pattern is: "beat, beat, pause,thump, beat, pause,thump, beat, beat, beat, pause, thump, beat, pause, thump, beat, beat, etc., etc." This goes on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Well, recently I had an unexpected two-week reprieve from these things...it lasted until November 21. There's a cooking oil and a seasoning mixture that I purchase and use quite frequently. But I had run out of, and thus stopped using, the seasoning mixture just prior to when I noticed my PVCs had vanished. That seasoning mixture item is Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle flavor seasoning. And the cooking oil is extra virgin olive oil from the California Olive Ranch.

I finally remembered to replenish the Mrs. Dash seasoning on November 16. On the evening of November 20 --which continued to be entirely devoid of PVCs-- I enjoyed some during dinner. It was the first time in more than two weeks I had wholegrain pasta in olive oil with the Mrs. Dash seasoning sprinkled over it. So guess what? During the early morning of November 21, my PVCs returned with a vengeance!

It's now November 24. I've consumed no Mrs. Dash seasoning or olive oil since the evening of November 20. My PVCs are noticeably less frequent now. I've been periodically checking my pulse for one minute at a time and approximately 70% of these checks seem PVC-free. I'm hoping to get back to where I was during my two-week reprieve. If it is the seasoning and/or the olive oil that triggers my PVCs, it seems to take several days to get their effects out of my system. But perhaps it's neither of those items and was merely a coincidence. That of course would mean that the trigger of my PVCs is yet unknown. We shall see.      
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I have three big triggers: anxiety, caffeine, and carbonated drinks.
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My PVCs and PACs have *completely* disappeared after I stopped drinking diet sodas and consuming other sugar-free foodstuffs.
How long did it take to completely go away after you stopped eating and drinking those?
How long did you have the pvcs for? Aand how long have you not have the pvcs
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I have a large list of foods that trigger my PVC's and my heart doctor has concurred that all of these are known to cause PVC's. I am suffering from them right now because I messed up over the holidays big time. Aged cheese has Tyramine, a chemical that gets more intense the longer the food is aged. This can even be included in aged meats. So I don't eat cheeses in large quantities. MSG is a very big culprit. I only eat Chinese at a restaurant that I know doesn't use it but keep in mind that Oyster sauce has it in it. I mostly make my own Chinese food. Vinegar or anything pickled, even sauerkraut or pickled eggs. White flour is a processed flour. Any foods that goes through a lot of processing will cause them. Stick to wheat flour. No white rice, same thing, eat brown rice. Do not eat boxed foods like mac n cheese, or hamburger helper etc. They all have tons of additives and processing that causes these things. Eat healthy as in make your own foods. Eat at restaurants that make home cooked meals, no packaged foods in their preparations. No caffeine either. Stick to decaffeinated beverages or water. I only take 7.5 mg of Atenolol and can increase that if I need to but if I eat right I can keep these things at bay. I ate sauerkraut, white flour, lots of cheese including velveeta which is sooo processed, kielbasa and hot cocoa. All in the last week or so. Today I ate white bread, cheese, white flour and hot cocoa all within an hour and sure enough, there they were with a vengeance. But I was able to calm them down by doing someone's home remedy of deep breathing and drinking ice cold water. Stay away from these foods and you should see a big difference. Cook your own food. No take out or fast food. No pizza (white flour). Eat burgers without the bun. Sometimes potatoes will cause them too.
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