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Do Certain Foods Trigger PVC's?


I am new to this forum and new to PVCs.  I began having them in April (5 months post partum).  I have seen 2 cardiologists and had all of the tests run--all "nomal" results.  I am a very anxious person and HATE to feel the skipped beats so I have been taking Propanolol (and I know the anxiety only makes them worse).  I would like to be "med free" so I am working on finding out my triggers.
I have cut out caffeine, alcohol, etc. and I am also trying to see if there are any foods that may trigger them.  My doctor said that sometimes peppers can cause them???  I ate something with jalepenos last night and I definitely noticed an increase.
Do you all have any other foods or food groups that you avoid?  Also, any books or web sites where I might find more information on preventing these?  I need all of the help I can get.  
Thank you so much--this web site has been so beneficial to me!  :)
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For me, caffeine and red wine are big triggers, as is lack of sleep.  I can have spicy food with no problems.

Feel better!!
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I've read that acid reflux will cause PVCs. So eating anything that brings on reflux is a PVC trigger.  Peppers would definitely fall into that category. I've also read that honey works to calm the stomach and reflux related PVCs.
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Caffeine and sugar trigger palpitations for me and over the years I've seen a ton of others report the same thing.  So try eating a low sugar diet and quitting caffeine.
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Heavy olive oil will do it for me and alfredo sauces (probably the olive oil again)  
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i have noticed that anything with nutrasweet cause me problems.....at least that was before my ablation.  I havent had th guts to try it since my procedure i few weeks ago.
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why not start a food diary so you can learn your triggers?
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