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Do PVCs and NSVT ever cause you to lose your voice?

I get palpitations a lot.  I get skipped beats, extra beats, couplets and bursts.  Sometimes when this happens, I experience a weird sensation in my throat like something (water) in stuck in my airway and I have to cough.  When this happens I am unable to get the voice out of my throat.  If it happens mid-sentence, my voice cracks or I lose my voice altogether.  Of course as soon as the heart rhythms disturbance subsides, my voice is back to normal.  Does anybody else experience this?  

This is really causing me anxiety because there is a video on YouTube of a woman giving some sort of speech who pauses to cough, gestures towards her chest a little and and a few seconds later falls over dead.  
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Have you had NSVT confirmed on a Holter? Or are you just guessing that you have NSVT?  I don't really have an answer to your question. It might be anxiety related.
From what I read online and heard from an EMT, couplets or triplets are always ventricular.  I get a lot of couplets and sometimes up to 4 beat bursts, I am hoping they're supraventricular, but all the literature online seems to suggest they are ventricular.  
Hmmm, that's interesting, because what I've read, couplets/triplets are more likely to be pacs! Lol. I guess no one really knows..I have read that 3-4 beat "runs" are more often than not atrial beats. Can't really say unless you get it on a monitor.
Couplets and triplets are not ways ventrical, they can be atrial. Also couplets and triplets are not "more" likely to be PACS.

I have both PVCS and PACS and have had recorded couplets of both.

Thanks guys, I have documented PACs on a 24 hour halter from many years ago, so I'm hoping this is what I'm experiencing now too.  Its just so frustrating sometimes.  I could be sitting in bed reading and suddenly POP POP in my chest.  Drives me insane.  
Possibly silent reflux? I have a mix of mysterious things like you're saying. My mother has silent reflux, which is basically terrible heartburn but without the pain, so there is acid going up into your throat area. I've had this skipping voice like you and palpitations. Halter monitor showed nothing. I've read about reflux, and it says heart palpitations and the voice issue can be from reflux.
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