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Do anyone's PVC's get worse at night?

Just wondering if anyone else is familiar with this. This is my typical day- Wake up, I feel great..PVC free. This lasts until I go to bend over to pick something up off the floor and then Bam- the PVC's start for the day and don't stop. OR- I will do great until late afternoon-evening and then they will be nonstop.WHy do they worse as the day progresses? Oh- what I wouldn't give to go back 3 months and not even know what PVC's are. I feel like I took my heart beating *normally* for granted back then..It is not fun. Oh well..we are all in the same boat I guess.
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I have the exact feelings and the exact way. I am usually OK in the morning, but if I eat or drink my juice, they start up. If I bend down or sit funny, they act up, if I do ANYTHING they act up. By the time night time hits, I am a nervous wreck, and I usually will have them when I go to bed, especially if I am all wired from fear. Ugh, they stink.
You sound like me.  I am fairly active during the day, and have almost none.  Then like clockwork, about an hour after dinner they start. Normally they go away before bedtime, but lately I have been awaken in the middle of the night with them.  I know they are supposed to be benign, but they sure can be scary at times.
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I get them at night, I get them in the mornings, yep, I am one of the lucky ones, THEY seem to happen as soon as I wake up, and I even wake up in the middle of the night because of them! Those are the worse, but sometimes I'm so tired I just ignore THEM, and mine also happen when I'm bending over, I can be feeling fine, I bend over and THEY start up, or better yet, if I take a deep breath, if I'm exercising or just walking, THEY happen, when I take a deep breath, my heart feels like it's pausing, not like your average run of the mill sinus rhythm but a longer than normal pause, over and over again...so yeah...I hate even breathing..lol
God Bless and Take Care
Yeah sound exactly like me. I can feel my blood moving through my body sometimes. My hearts beating slow but hard. Bending over is the worst. It can cause multiple pvc's. The best way I can describe them is it's hard tug in the middle of my chest.
Have you found anything to help?
hi, did you ever find out what was causing the slow hard heart beat? also what was causing the pvcs?
hi how are you now?
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Dito. My EP explained that at night my heart rate drops and that's when I get 'escape beats' (a morphology of PVC).
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I usually get them at night, especially after I've eaten the wrong thing, and/or after heavy exercise (i.e. houshold work, gardening, a longer walk, etc). However, since last October I've been taking Fishoil (anti-reflux coated fishoil), plus my usual magnesium (both 2x/day) and boy oh boy, do I feel a difference. I still have the occasional thump of course, but none of the usual "attacks" as I call them (=constant pvc's). It's as if the pvc's have stopped for me, it's like a dream-come-true!!! After 14 years of pvc's, believe me, it is a dream. I still can't believe it, I still expect them to start up again, so far, so good. I don't take any other medicine, but have my trusted beta blocker, just in case my heart starts racing (I HATE THAT!), but hey, no need for them since last October. I so feel for you, you are only at the beginning, and these things are soooo scary. Hang in there, there is hope (welcome back Dave, if you read this!!), read the list on my profile page (about me), it's from Momto3, and it's such a big help for anyone just starting on that dreaded pvc's path. Take care :)
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Glad to hear that I am not alone..It is so scary. I'm just hoping that this all goes away (or at least decreases) after November..(When I have the baby..) We will see. Isn't it funny though, That no one I talk to in my everyday life has ever experienced these, but when i come on here, there are so many of us..It is crazy.
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ok .... everybody gets them at night,,, but noone explains why... does anyone know why?... i will be ok during the day, but when i go to bed to rest, they start up... why?
hi, did you ever find out what was causing the slow hard heart beat? also what was causing the pvcs? i know this is a old add :)
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I've never been given much explanation from Docs regarding the whens and whys of pacs and pvcs.  I think the causes are not well understood even in the medical community.  Anyhow, my pacs/pvcs are the opposite of yours in that they are worse during the day and then generally non-existent at night once I relax.  It's odd that some have them never at night, and others exclusively at night.  Perhaps it has something to do with whether they are pvcs or pacs as mine have been diagnosed as pacs.

Is_something_wrong is very knowledgeable on these issues so perhaps he could shed some light on the day vs night palpitations issue.
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My 10 year old experiences pvc's at night and in the morning.
We spent the better part of last night in the ER and then transported to the Children's Hospital.
After my blood tests and ekg's I was told not to worry.
She is wearing a halter monitor tonight I believe to relive my anxiety.
My daughter is afraid and isn't sleeping well.
How do relieve her anxiety?
Do these specialists know what they are doing?
I wish they would experience them and then maybe, just maybe they would find a treatment.
Nervous and very frustrated Mom in Connecticut.

Wow its nice to see that I'm not alone in this. My pvcs  come in the morning and night. During the day I'm fine and the crazy thing is that when I excercise I feel nothing. It's a head scratcher. Does anyone go through this? Is there a explanation? Thanks. Take care.
Well, I must be unique! I feel nothing during the day at all, even when I exercise. Mine occur only at night and when I have an active dream. It is at that time I feel my heart racing. None of this occurred until I had a stent placement 4 months ago. What's going on?
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PVCs consist of an early little heart beat, so small you don't even feel it, followed by a pause just a bit longer than usual as the heart resets its normal rhythm.

This pause gives the heart the opportunity to receive a little more blood, which it can do because the chambers of the heart are elastic.  One of the rules the heart obeys is to pump out all the blood it receives, and since it has received a bigger load than usual, it gives a harder contraction to force it out.  This businesslike kick is the BOOM that we all feel and which scares the crepe out of us.

However, in most healthy people, the BOOM sensation is of no medical consequence; it is just the heart doing its job.

As it happens, these early beats or PVCs tend to sneak in when the interval between heartbeats is longer.  Guess what happens when you're calmly reading or watching TV or trying to go to sleep?  Your heart rate slows down, and if your heart happens to be in one of those twitchy modes, PVCs are more likely to occur.

You have probably noticed that when you're having PVCs, getting up, running around, and doing stuff causes them to disappear.  That's because your heart speeds up when you are active, and the interval between beats is shorter.

You may also have noticed that even when you're having a real rash of PVCs, you can do all the stuff you normally do:  You can dash up stairs, you can chase your kids, you can carry heavy groceries (or a kid), and you can even work out at the gym.  The fact that you can do this means that your heart is basically healthy.

The trick is to find some way not to be frightened or bothered by the sensation of strong heartbeats.  This isn't easy.  I think people who have PVCs are a bit more sensitive to bodily 'noise' than many other folks are.

If you are truly tormented by the sensations you feel, check out an excellent little book called 'Hope and Help for Your Nerves,' by Dr. Claire Weekes.  She writes about this problem.  Also, talking with a therapist and getting some cognitive-behavioral therapy can help.

Finally, if a generally anxious temperament or panic attacks are involved, there are medications called SSRIs which can work magic.  Ask me how I know.

I'm currently taking Effexor to calm my nerves about my pvcs but so far no relief. I get them all day long and an insane amount at night which means I don't sleep well but I'm not finding any relief at all with the Effexor. What a time.
When it comes to SSRIs, in general you have to stick with them for a month (6 weeks is better) to see the true effect.  A good psychiatrist will be in close touch with you during this trial period, to see how you are doing, and to prescribe some other medications, if needed, to help you during the adjustment period.

Now, here's the important bit:  PCPs or GPs may have some experience prescribing SSRIs, but they are not specialists, and for the most part, they do NOT have the kind of specialized knowledge of the pharmaceutical aspects of these drugs that psychiatrists have.  Shrinks know what meds are best for several different types of anxiety or panic, and they know what kinds of side effects occur and how to treat them.

For the record, I have not found Effexor to be a calming med.  For me Zoloft is the best--but it did take trying *five* different SSRIs for my shrink and me to find the best one.

Hang in there, but on Monday, phone your doc, whichever one you're seeing, for some assistance.  At the very least, you should probably have something like a low dose of Lorazepam to help you with the jitters until the Effexor has a chance to kick in.

If you do not have a psychiatrist and are being treated by a GP, I would suggest finding a good shrink instead to handle your long-term care.  The tendency towards anxiety doesn't really go away.  I think it's something you're born with, like the color of your eyes.

How do u know? Wondering what’s worked for you?
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I  am the same way. My doctor started me.o I had surgery for an ablation a year ago after that I started having paac's really bad. my doctor prescribed me a beta blocker which helps but I am fine first thing in the morning but late afternoon it gets really bad and when I am in bed trying to go to sleep and can think about it and feel it it gets worse.
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