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Do anyone's PVCs get worse with exercise? Also, help on treatment/causes?

Hello all,

So my main question I have is regarding PVCs that worsen with exercise (specifically 100%effort or hard workouts). Does anyone else have worsening of symptoms during exercise and weight lifting? I ask because the majority of research I have done on PVCs seems like most get better with exercise...mine are the complete opposite.

A little background,my pvcs started about 2-3 years ago(im a 30 year old male 6 foot 2 175 lbs) and have always been in good health. I always have led a healthy lifestyle,eating right exercising etc. My pvcs just started one  day out of the blue and never left. Since then my life hasn't been the same at all. I cant exercise anymore or play basketball which were two huge parts of my life. I feel that the pvcs cause me to have anxiety but i dont feel like i have anxiety unless im already having pvcs. Does anyone know of any possible causes  foe my specific situation? (I know there are a million theories out there).

Another question i had was has anyone found any good treatments or things that worked for them..primarily for people whose pvcs are worse when hesrt rate is up. I want to get back to working out again..i want to get back to playing sports and doing sprints...at this point i cant even imagine jogging.

Currently i am on propranolol 20mg As needed (not daily). My cardiologist tried to switch me to metoprolol daily  but it made it much much worse and i had signs:symptoms of reynauds while on it. Now my cardiologist wants me to try nebivolol (bystolic) however its primarily a B/P medication and i havent seen too many promising reviews (pretty bad from what i found)..

Any help,suggestions, people with similar experiences please reply. At this moment i am feeling fairly hopeless about ever feeling normal again even for one day. I still enjoy life,i still find happiness, but i want to return to the activities i once enjoyed. Thanks in advance guys.
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My pvc's are worse after exercise but I think it's because I am worried. Everyone has pvc's. maybe you are worried while you are working out. I'm no expert on the subject but my doctors say I'm fine and it's down to anxiety.

As for treatment you could try magnesium supplements and bananas. Both what a heart needs. I'm trying bananas at the minute eating one a day.

Stay away from alcohol if you can and cut out the caffeine if you have that.
Thanks jim for the reply. I recently started upping magnesium about a week ago. Hoping that helps and i love bananas so i might work those into my diet more.

I havent touched caffeine in over a year and haven't drank alcohol in about 7 years so im good to go on that front however i do miss my coffee (even decaf seemed to worsen pvcs when i still drank it)
Do you wait for them to come when you are exercising? Because it could be a anxiety thing, even normal stress can cause them to come
Not rlly nope...sometimes if i jump into things like squats immediately where its a harder workout and im going up and down and theres more holding my breath involved theyll happen immediately (and lead to these attacks that the ER told me are panic attacks but i dont know that they truly are).. Other times i can be fine working out just normally with arms oe chest lifts and be ok for 30-45 minutes but as i keep going longee theyll begin to come eventually as im getting more fatigued...however i dont even push myself that hard..nowhere near 100%_effort as everytime i have gone 100% theyll comr right away very badly and cause one of these attacks
Mine came after my first panic attack. I've learnt to deal with the panic attack but I still deal with the pvc's, they come a lot when bending down. when theses a lot of pressure on my chest. The heart is a muscle and anxiety stress causes muscles to twitch and tense up. I'm putting it down to being tense and the muscles around my heart are putting pressure on the nerves leading to my heart. You could be dealing with the same thing.
Some stress is hard to even notice. If your having panic attacks there must be some anxiety and you are subconsciously thinking about the attacks.. I was denying this for months saying it's not anxiety but I've had every check done by a doctor. I've had a second and third opinion and they all came to the same conclusion. After accepting the panic attacks went away. However I still have anxiety about these pvc's that won't go away.
Jim have u found or been prescribed any medication rhat helps with the anxiety to see if that also stops the pvcs? What were u prescribed as a solution?
I got put on citalopram, it didn't work for me but it did with a mate of mine. Go to the doctors and they will give you something to help.
Put me on propranolol beta blocker (beta 1 and 2 both, also used off label for anxiety before public speaking and such) helps some but definitely doesn't help enough to allow me to work out again...tried a cardio selective beta blocker which made things worse, after that he basically told me theres rlly nothing else other than learning to deal with it
Yeah learning to deal with it is the main thing. There's people out there that think anxiety can just disappear with reading ******** online. Videos on YouTube with a link in the description, the link always wants wants money for some emails it sends you. People fall for it because they are so desperate to get rid of the anxiety.
To be honest pills are no good. People rely on medicine to much. Best thing for you is to just face the anxiety and deal with it without drugs. Eating healthy is important also.
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Hi. I've had PVCs for over a year now. I've been taking bisoprolol 1.25 mg daily for about 6 months and it seems to help me a lot. Before I started the beta blocker I was having 3000 of them and I was having them all the time, except when I was sleeping. Now that I am taking the bisoprolol I mostly have them when there's triggers, and major triggers for me are exertion, alcohol, hot water (baths and especially hot showers) and caffeine (in big amounts). Every time I exert myself or exercise they get worse. There is different kinds of PVCs, mine are apparently catecholaminergic , meaning they get induced by adrenaline and dopamine and we get those more when we exert. Mine are monomorphic and originate in the RVOT, and those usually are or can be catecholaminergic. You have to be careful here because it is similar symptoms with people who have coronary artery disease, their symptoms get worse with exertion but mainly because they have ischemia, which is oxygen shortage due to artery narrowing. Since you got checked and you don't have CAD I wouldn't worry too much about it. However it is very annoying, frustrating, and it can be scary when you are having too many of them. I wish I had a better answer but I don't, and I don't think doctors do. All they do is try to manage the condition. All I know is that I am, or was, active too, I love rollerblading, biking, and hiking, and since the PVCs have started I do less of these activities because it's very unpleasant. I hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply. The information you included was great. I did have the cardiologist perform a stress test and also an ultrasound of the heart to rule things out. He told me everything was perfectly normal in every aspect and he said as far as he is concerned i can absolutely 100% push myself to the max in every way as far as exercise goes as he told me im normal BMI  no weight issues..im in shape and according to him my heart is structurally perfect...except that i still can't...its frustrating because exercising was one of the biggest parts of my life, actually still is and i miss it immensely.. I guess my main thing is i need to find a way or a medication that will allow me to be able to return to normal workouts as for me that is a huge part of my happiness. I guess all i can do is to try everything suggested wnd maybe get 2nd..3rd opinions

Thanks again for your reply.
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