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Do we have an urgent heart situation?

Wife, 89, has history of atril fib and is prescribed lisinopril (40mg), lasix (40mg) and lanoxin (20mg) along with coumadin (5mg) daily. Recent wide-ranging BP/Pulse readings (160's/80's and pulse below 50) led to adding Toprol XL.
First tab last night at bedtime resulted in lowered BP (128/50 and pulse of 41) this AM. Accompanied by inability to urinate (except few drops) for a water drinker.
She has dizziness, and is very tired further complicating recent poor sleeping habits (lengthy naps during day and evening with bouts of limited napssolitaire during nite).
What are your recommendations for avenues of approach to resolve the current situation?
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Schedule an appointment with her family doctor.  Her symptoms warrant a visit.  Hope she's feeling better very soon!
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Some of the symptoms you note are common with taking Toprol XL, expecially in the beginning.  Sounds like it did deliver some of the intended benefits, lower blood pressure, lower HR.  I have no idea how the urinary problem relates.

What is her dosage?  To start I'd expect it to be 50 mg or less.
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