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Do you know if your pvcs come from a certain part of the heart?

I was just curious if you guys know if your pvcs come from tge left or right ventricle. Mine come from the left.
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Most, probably 70% or so, come from the Right Ventricular Outflow Tract.

About 10%-15% come from the Left Ventricular Outflow tract.

The remaining 15%-20% come from all other locations in the Right and Left. Dozens of options there in terms of localization.

So by far Right Sided PVC are most common
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Classification of PVC-

Generally you can classify PVC’s in several ways; personally the “scheme” I tend to use to help categorize them goes something like this:

1. Right Sided vs Left Sided-

This determines how easy a PVC is to treat. Left Sided PVCs are less easy to treat and carry higher risk of complications in a procedure in general. (Sorry).

Fortunately a left sided PVC is not automatically more dangerous than a right sided one. Just more difficult to fix!

2. Outflow Tract vs Non Outflow tract

As discussed 80%-85% of PVCS in humans generally are outflow tract PVC’s

15% - 20% are non outflow tract.

Non- Outflow tract have a higher chance of being “malignant” or dangerous in some way. However again, this is not a rule that is written in stone.

However even if a Non-Outflow tract PVC is deemed “Benign” it may warrant a little closer follow up or investigation than an outflow tract PVC. The exception being RVOT PVC in young people, which should be followed a bit further into adulthood to rule out ARVC.

3. Benign vs Malignant

Some PVCs are dangerous (Malignant) others are not (Benign). Among dangerous PVC’s there are generally 3 types.

PVC’s associated with scar tissue (due to heart failure or prior heart attacks), PVC’s associated with Genetic Diseases of the Heart and “High Burden” PVC’s (PVC in excess of 25% of your heartbeats in any given day).
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