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Does a v-tach episode alter the heart?

I am 36 yrs. old.  I have three normal echos on file before my last c-section (two were taken during the last trimester of my last pregnancy & one during the second trimester of the last pregnancy).  DURING THE LAST C-SECTION SURGERY, the anaesthesiologist said I had an episode of v-tach straight out of an episode of House. He didn't mention if it was sustained or not & after hemmorrhaging from a sliced anterior placenta & the newborn's head being sliced with the scalpel in a hurry to get him out, I was more in a state of shock than asking questions.  After the surgery, he came into the recovery area before I was sent to telemetry & said it was the worst reaction to a spinal he had seen & told me to follow up with a cardiologist - which led me to wonder if an episode of v-tach alters the heart in any way because up to that point, my echos were normal & he called it a reaction rather than an underlying condition.  Later, the cardiologist said he called the OB's office & couldn't find any documentation on the v-tach episode and didn't seem to believe that I had actually had a v-tach episode.  At the post-incision checkup, the ARNP looked into the computer & said the notes were everywhere regarding the episode.  I hadn't imagined it or misunderstood anything.  I'm not sure where the miscommunication is taking place but the cardiologist kept assuring me that all was well based on those OLD ECHOS BEFORE the episode.  But if v-tach changes the heart in any way (which I can't seem to find out), those old echos are unreliable now.  I am an ASTHMATIC & am having attacks but no doctor seems to feel comfortable telling me to take the albuterol because it affects the heart ventricles.  I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone & don't know what to do other than to introduce myself to an ER & take the albuterol in their presence in case something goes awry.  
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I agree. I experienced a similar issue. Don't trust that these medical folks know what they are doing when there are clear signs of a communication miss. If possible get a hold of some documentation yourself and take it to a different EP and medical establishment of choice. My inclination would be to drop these folks the minute an error like this is made. Not to trivialize your issue, but what if this had been more critical?
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send in written requests for all of your medical records and notes and see if they have anything in them, also you could write to the anaesthesiologist [sp] describing the event and ask him if he has info on the situation

ask the dr who prescribed the albuterol if you can take it in their office, is it inhaler, pill or nebuilizer form? inhaler or nebuilizer might show right away but the pill might take awhile to go through your system

it sounds like somewhere paperwork or notes didn't get transferred; that happened with me and my EP didn't get testing that showed I was having certain symptoms which lead to a misdiagnosis
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